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Lance Brown & Associates Offering Legal Representation in Restraining Order Cases

While restraining orders can be an effective way to prevent violence, the downside to these powerful court orders is that with the ease of their procurement comes the potential for abuse. False accusations and harsh terms of an order can cause damage to individuals' personal and professional lives, all without confirmation that the domestic abuse has truly occurred – complainants can go to court and have a restraining order enacted against a defendant without that person being in court to defend themselves. Individuals wrongfully accused of domestic violence or abuse, or for whom the conditions of a restraining order are unnecessarily and disruptively limiting, can find the support and legal expertise they need to overturn or lighten a court order with the law offices of Lance Brown & Associates.

Lance Brown & Associates Announces Availability for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases

While it can be difficult to believe that state inspection agencies allow low-scoring nursing homes to continue operations after their failures are discovered, the fact of the matter is that the residents of the 10% of facilities that effectively fail their tests often have nowhere else to go. Simply because they are forced to remain in a certain nursing home, however, in no way excuses conditions of abuse, neglect or other harmful behavior inflicted upon elderly residents. For those who are dealing with a tragic incident of nursing home abuse of neglect, Lance Brown & Associates announces its availability to provide compassionate, comprehensive legal services.

Lance Brown & Associates Announce Office Relocation to Hamilton, NJ

Those seeking representation in a wide variety of legal areas, ranging from nursing home neglect and elder abuse to medical malpractice, restraining orders and employment litigation, have turned to Lance Brown, Esq. for almost 20 years. With an excellent reputation for quick but thorough resolutions and a commitment to ensuring that clients are entirely engaged with and understand the legal process, Lance Brown & Associates have deservedly become a go-to provider of legal services in Robbinsville, NJ, and surrounding areas. Now, the law firm announces that it will be providing its same high standards of care and dogged pursuit of clients' legal rights from a new office, located at 1898 Route 33, Hamilton, NJ, 08690.