Landa Spine and Orthopedic Center

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is proud to bring arthroscopic knee surgery options to patients at its practice locations throughout New Jersey. Arthroscopic surgery is a practical, minimally invasive surgical technique that can be used to treat a variety of common knee injuries. Our doctors work closely with patients to determine the best treatment plan for each injury. While surgery is not often necessary to treat common knee injuries, patients take comfort knowing that arthroscopic procedures are available at our practices.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Now Offering Cervical Disc Replacement Procedure

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is pleased to announce the launch of cervical disc replacement procedures at their multiple New Jersey locations. This surgical procedure involves replacing a diseased cervical disc with an artificial one to relieve pain and restore motion to the spine. As staff members explain, a cervical disc replacement may be a strong alternative to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

Landa Spine and Orthopedic Center Offering Nerve Release Procedure

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center has announced that its offices will now offer nerve release procedures for patients suffering from nerve compression conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Quad/Patella Tendon Repair

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center now offers quad/patella tendon repair at its locations throughout New Jersey. The purpose of this surgery is to reattach a torn tendon to the bone, restoring correct tension and positioning the patella to maintain the fulcrum mechanism.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Endoscopic Rhizotomy Treatment

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is pleased to announce that they offer endoscopy rhizotomy treatment at all their New Jersey locations. Endoscopic rhizotomy is a non-invasive outpatient procedure that provides the physician with direct visualization of the medial and lateral branch nerves.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Minimally Invasive TLIF Treatment

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is proud to offer minimally-invasive TLIF treatment. TLIF stands for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and is used to treat a variety of conditions that can cause spinal compression and instability as well as reduced disc height.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Advocates for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center advocates for minimally invasive surgery, citing the advantages and increased safety of such procedures. Minimally invasive spine surgery is an endoscopic procedure involving the use of special instruments and video cameras, which are inserted through very small incisions into the area being treated to help the orthopedic spine surgeon access the spine and perform the required procedure with increased accuracy and safety.

Five Minimally Invasive Procedures That Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

More and more surgeons are choosing minimally invasive spine surgery whenever possible and for good reason. These types of procedures offer many advantages over traditional spine surgery. Patients experience less pain, less risk of complications, scarring, and downtime. Here are five minimally invasive procedures we offer at Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center that can help reduce chronic pain.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Explains the "Best" Candidates for Sports Medicine Procedures

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center discusses the best candidates for sports medicine procedures. This is valuable information for those experiencing an injury or other pain condition who may be seeking surgical solutions. Millions of Americans undergo orthopedic surgery every year – but not everyone who could benefit from such a procedure is a good candidate for surgery.

Landa Spine and Orthopedic Center Advocates Caution While Shoveling Snow

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center emphasize that as temperatures drop and snow falls in many areas, people should exercise caution when clearing off their sidewalks and driveways. Many people experience back pain during or after shoveling snow, and lower back pain after this activity is one of the most common reasons for ER visits in the wintertime. Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center explains how to prevent and treat back pain caused by shoveling.