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Lanyards USA Reports Organizations Can Increase Fundraising with the Right Items

According to The Nonprofit Research Collaborative, approximately 73 percent of charitable organizations met their fundraising goal in 2014. This sounds like a great number, yet 27 percent failed to achieve their objective, leaving them with less funds than they need to continue operations. Organizations looking to raise more funds may find Printed Lanyards are a great way to bring in cash, as everyone can use a lanyard for one purpose or another. Lanyards USA works with clients to create a Custom printed ribbon that shows their organization in a positive light while raising awareness of their cause.

Lanyards USA Showcases Lanyards Available in Five Days or Less

According to industry experts, many businesses require their employees to have badges with them on a regular basis and many more use special badges for hosting events. This helps the business secure their building or their events by identifying staff. Lanyards can be handed to staff members to clearly display their badge at work or during events.