Larson Air Conditioning

Leading HVAC Company Reveals No. 1 Customer Question

Arizona's hot weather isn't showing any signs of stopping. Luckily, residents can rely on Larson Air to help them beat the heat with superior AC service in Phoenix. But this Arizona-based HVAC company doesn't stop there. It's keeping customers extra cool this summer by answering burning HVAC questions.

Larson Air Conditioning Reveals 5 Ways Homeowners Can Ease Into AC Replacement

When homeowners learn it is time to replace their AC systems, panic and questions sometimes arise. And since AC replacement isn't an everyday occurrence (thank goodness), Larson Air Conditioning wants to both calm and educate customers on what is important when shopping for a new system.

Attention, Pet Owners: Follow These 5 IAQ Tips

Summer weather in Arizona can be brutal. When the humidity hits and the scorching sun beats down, many homeowners can't wait to retreat to their temperature-controlled homes for some chilled relief. But humans aren't the only beings who find relief in a comfortable air-conditioned home. Pets also need cool spaces to relax. Larson Air wants to remind residents that sizzling summers often equate to more time indoors for their best friends. And more time spent indoors with pets can often affect a home's indoor air quality.

Phoenix HVAC Company Shares Key Benefits to Routine Maintenance

There is no escaping it. Summertime in the Phoenix area is just—unbearably hot. Homeowners know there is no room for error when it comes to taking charge of their cooling maintenance. This means routine service—especially prior to summer's grand heat waves—is simply a necessity. So, as June unfolds, there is no better gift idea for the fathers in our lives than the gift of tune-up maintenance.

Larson Air Knows Air Conditioning Can Be a True Life Saver!

Superheroes are everywhere in daily life—including inside the walls of every humble abode. And while it might seem strange to identify a cooling system as a superhero, AC has the power to save lives and should be given its due. In fact, the 21st century has seen nearly 80 percent fewer heat-related deaths than the turn of the 20th century—all because of air conditioning!

Larson Offers Money-Saving Tips Plus a Huge Spring Promotion

The heat of the Arizona spring is here and the team at Larson Air Conditioning is fully prepared. This HVAC company has always been highly customer-focused and enjoys doing its part to satisfy the local community. This month, Larson aims to save customers money by offering cooling tips and deals on major HVAC purchases.