Last Call Healthcare

Last Call Healthcare Provides A&E Nurses Trained to Maintain a High Standard of Care in A&E Departments

LogoA leading medical personnel supplier in the UK, Last Call Healthcare provides A&E nurses who are trained to maintain a high standard of care in A&E departments. All of their A&E nurses are trained to work in emergency departments in hospitals and are often the first point of contact for patients after they enter the hospital setting. During emergency situations, they maintain a level head while keeping patients and their families updated with progress. The company has a large database of trained A&E nurses who have a vast array of industry experience and knowledge.

Last Call Healthcare Provides Mental Health Nurses Specialised in the Field of Nursing Practice

LogoA well-renowned supplier of personnel for medical facilities, Last Call Healthcare provides mental health nurses specialised in the field of nursing practice, who assists in promoting and supporting a person's recovery and help them to improve their quality of life. They are fully trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health disorders and advising individuals about relevant therapies or social activities. In addition, our specialists work with a team of health professionals with the motivation of providing the best clinical outcomes for the person. The staff they provide can fulfil a plethora of duties including:

Last Call Healthcare Provides High Quality Care and Support to Pregnant Women in the Pre and Post-Natal Period

LogoA leading medical personnel supplier in the UK, Last Call Healthcare provides care and support to pregnant women through their high-quality midwifery services in the UK. Their midwifery staff are dedicated to ensuring full support to the individual patient, thanks to their vast volume of knowledge and understanding they have acquired through extensive training and practical, hands on experience.

Last Call Healthcare Offers General and Specialist Healthcare Staffing Solutions to Medical Facilities Across the UK

LogoLast Call Healthcare, a specialist recruitment agency, supply well trained and experienced healthcare staff to both private and NHS care organisations across the UK. They are expert consultants that have access to the finest talent and opportunities within the industry. The agency specialises in the provision of permanent recruitment solutions that span across all levels of seniority throughout the healthcare sector. With a proactive approach and a comprehensive library of resources, the company uses exhaustive search campaigns to ensure that there is no stone left unturned when recruiting for their clients.