Launchpad Research

Launchpad Research Offers New Product Development Research Solution to Help Identify and Fill Gaps

LogoLaunchpad Research, a well-renowned marketing research organisation in the UK, offers new product development (NPD) research solutions to help identify and fill gaps. The software provides insights into all aspects of the NPD cycle, including market research, product planning, design, and development. Their consultants offer guidance on how to launch a new product, including marketing and sales strategies. They help businesses learn about new product development and how to bring a new product to market. Their research consultants help businesses determine what new products their customers want and how to successfully develop and bring them to market.

Launchpad Research Offers Brand Tracking Solution to Help Businesses Improve Their Brand

LogoLaunchpad Research, a leading market research company in the UK, offers brand tracking solution to help businesses improve their brand. Their research consultants partner with clients to design and launch brand tracking studies customised to deliver the full-funnel insights you need. They layer industry-proven tracking methodologies into an AI-powered insights platform to instantly surface meaningful changing trends. The easy-to-use software has customisable dashboards that make it easy to share results or export to presentation-ready formats. Understanding the impact of brand campaigns pre- and post-launch, their solution helps companies manage evolving brand perception and reputation.

Launchpad Research Conducts Online Surveys to Deliver Accurate and Meaningful Customer Insights

LogoLaunchpad Research, a leading market research company in the UK, conducts online surveys to deliver accurate and meaningful customer insights to businesses. They design and administer surveys to broad groups of people to gather actionable data that can be used to make business decisions. They gather consumer data and help companies use it to improve their products and services or gain insights into customer behaviour. The company conducts powerful surveys to gather and analyse the data you need to make the right business decisions.

Launchpad Research Offers Advanced Statistical Analysis Solution to Help Businesses Gain Deeper Customer Knowledge

LogoLaunchpad Research, a leading market research company in the UK, offers advanced statistical analysis solutions to help businesses gain more profound knowledge about their customers. The system can find relationships between markets and customers, predict future trends, and develop models to solve complex customer behaviour. The software infuses cutting-edge, innovative algorithms to help businesses solve even the most intractable problems. Their solution lets companies interact with data quickly and intuitively using dynamic charts and graphs to understand key relationships.

Launchpad Research Offers Market Segmentation Research Solution Helping Businesses Grow Customer Head Count

LogoA leading market research company in the UK, Launchpad Research offers a market segmentation research solution to help businesses grow their customer's head count. The software can help companies advertise more effectively, identify opportunities for growth and improve their service offering in line with what their customers want. The system can be the perfect way to gain insights before launching successful products and campaigns, and uncover the preferences that drive demand. The customer segmentation software can be crucial in driving effective marketing and business growth.

Launchpad Research Offers Pricing Research to Help Businesses Implement Data-Driven Pricing Strategies

LogoLaunchpad Research is one of the leading market research companies that offers pricing research solution to help businesses implement data-driven pricing strategies. They work with businesses to find the answers to their specific pricing questions, implementing pricing research best practices and techniques along the way. The software uses various methodologies for research including Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, Discreet Choice and Conjoint Analysis. The multidisciplinary approach of the solution to pricing research incorporates components of behavioural economics, econometrics, market research, psychology, finance, and marketing.

Launchpad Research Offers Research Solution to Help Businesses Test Products

LogoAs one of the leading market research companies in the UK, Launchpad Research offers research solutions to help businesses pilot test products. Their software is flexible, dynamic and perfectly suited to unravelling marketing issues, and helps develop and refine marketing strategies. The solution provides expert recruitment and moderation along with intelligent and sensitive qualitative analysis and interpretation to deliver effective and powerful research results. The system can help businesses gain real, meaningful insight to help them make strategic decisions, innovate and grow.

Launchpad Research Offers Shopper Research Solutions to Help Businesses Analyse and Understand Customer Behaviour

LogoLaunchpad Research, a well-known market research firm in the UK, provides shopper research services to assist organisations in studying and understanding retail customer behaviour. They can provide insights that can assist brands all over the world make better decisions, allowing them to go forward with a greater grasp of their markets, customers, and culture.

Launchpad Research Offers Packaging Research Solution to Help Business to Improve Their Packaging Performance

LogoA well-renowned branding company in the UK, Launchpad Research offers packaging research solutions to help businesses to improve their packaging performance. Their innovative approach to testing packaging performance in the real world uses eye tracking solutions to test design elements. They explore how people feel and respond to packaging and crucially, give businesses crucial insight you need to spot areas of improvement. The company combines survey & eye tracking software to generate implicit metrics; visual saliency, prominence, findability & engagement unlocking greater insights for brand packaging.

Launchpad Research Provides Brand Tracking Solutions to Assist in the Monitoring and Improvement of Brands

LogoA well-renowned marketing research organisation in the UK, Launchpad Research offers brand tracking solutions to help businesses monitor their brands and improve sales. Their solutions can help businesses act across the entire organization to grow the brand with brand tracking software that's plugged into the heartbeat of the company. Organisations can keep track of what's happening in your market and react quickly to new opportunities with a brand tracking study designed to drive action. They measure the health of your brand among your target audience and tracks changes over time.