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Jerome Karam, Friendswood Fitness Celebrates One Year of Renovation by Adding New Classes

Attorney Jerome Karam, a personal injury lawyer that invests in commercial real estate, based in the Houston suburb of Friendswood, has announced that Friendswood Fitness is adding several new classes to its already wide array of workouts. The announcement comes one year after Karam purchased the family-owned workout facility and oversaw its complete remodel.

Attorney Jerome Karam Acquires the Conveniently Located Texas Station Friendswood Shopping Center

Atty. Jerome Karam, a highly reputed Houston lawyer who has gained immense recognition for his redevelopment projects, has recently announced that he has recently acquired the 35,000 sq ft Texas Station Friendswood Shopping Center and plans to renovate it to further attract commuters and nearby residents.

Attorney Jerome Karam Acquires the Historic Galveston Commercial Structure, The Hendley Building

Since 1860 ‘The Hendley Building’ has made its presence felt in downtown Galveston. Yet this remaining historic infrastructure has been abandoned since 2000 and now has been acquired by Atty. Jerome Karam, a reputed Houston lawyer known for his numerous redevelopment projects.