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The Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P.A. on Dividing the Assets of Divorcing Couples: How Post-Nuptial Agreement Could Make Asset Splitting Easier

LogoDivorce is one of the after marriage issues that is hard to deal with. Aside from the emotional pain a person might experience and the great stress and pressure it may bring especially if there are kids involved, dividing the assets in equal portions is another nerve-wracking concern that has to be consulted with a divorce lawyer. Most people would think that when they undergo divorce, dividing the assets is as easy as cutting the pie in equal parts.

The Law Offices of Donald Witmyer, P.A., Advocates the Importance of Divorce Mediation Before Bringing the Divorce Case to Court

LogoWhen a person or a couple is faced with legal issues regarding their marriage and one or both decides to end the marriage, they have to undergo mediation before actually going through the legal proceedings in court.

The Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P.A. Stresses the Importance of Understanding the Significant Elements of Divorce

LogoWhen a legally wedded couple mutually arrives at the decision to end the marriage, they would have to go through the complex legal process of Divorce or Dissolution. The judgment for the dissolution of marriage does not come from the federal court, but from the state court which is not fully understood by some.

The Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P. A. Tackles the Legal Issue of Child Custody During the Divorce Process

LogoCouples would sometimes decide to end the marriage because of certain complexities and problems that could no longer be resolved, and the only probable solution is to file for a divorce. Divorce is actually the legal process of terminating the marital union and the dissolution of both parties' legal duties and responsibilities to the marriage.

The Law Offices of Donald Witmyer, P.A. on Divorce: Why Legal Family Issues Should Be Consulted to a Niceville Lawyer

LogoThe Law Offices of Donald Witmyer, P.A. is dedicated to people who are struggling with their family issues, especially with regards to high-asset divorce, child custody, mediation, marital assets division, alimony, divorce and military benefits as well as felony charges. Attorney Witmyer sees to it that these issues addressed to him will be further given much attention since these are legal battles that could be the most emotional thing to handle. Thus, people need someone who can help them be prepared for every step they have to take.