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Have a Backup Plan With When Firms Like Dewey & LeBoeuf Lay off 450 People Without Giving Proper Notice

While this news may not directly affect you, it can be a bit alarming to see so many law firm employees losing their jobs. You certainly don't want this to happen to you.

Not Every Law School Offers the Same Value, Says Study

There are many law schools out there that charge high tuition. However, just because that entry number is high, doesn't mean the school is actually worth the cash. Neither does it mean students will be able to find positions easily post-graduation. To combat this, U.S. News & World Report recently put together a listing of schools students should avoid.

Law Schools Misrepresenting Post-Graduate Salaries

It seems the common assumption about law school is that following the completion of school, graduates will immediately fall into a high-paying position at a law firm. However, this assumption might be based on false information perpetuated by law schools to bring in more students.

Find Open Positions Fast Through

It's encouraging that job numbers are on the rise across the country. However, legal workers might still have trouble locating open positions because firms are reluctant to take on more risk (new employees) at times of financial uncertainty. Staying unemployed isn't an option. Not even considering the lack of income and mounting law school debt, being unemployed for too long could make an individual appear undesirable to hiring firms.

Law School Graduates Having Trouble Finding Work

Even though recent job reports indicate unemployment is dropping, finding work is still difficult for a lot of people. Many assume those just graduating from law school have it easy. With such a great education behind them, finding work should be a snap. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many recent graduates, leaving them struggling to pay off a mountain of debt with few open positions.

Offers Insights Into Law Firm Salaries, Bonuses and More

While the survey provides plenty of dollar amounts, it's about more than just dollars and cents.

13.3 Million People Unemployed in U.S., LawCrossing Has Found over 100,000 Jobs Across the Nation

The seasonally adjusted figures included in the BLS report suggest that there was also an addition of 400 jobs in the sector in October.

Schools Plan to Tackle Unemployment, LawCrossing Finds Nearly 100,000 Jobs Nationwide

Pace Law School in White Plains exposed a plan to tackle the problem head-on by creating a university-sponsored law practice, earlier this month.

Exceptional Layoff & Sluggish Hiring Continues, LawCrossing Finds Nearly 93,800 Jobs Nationwide

This move is a response to the query about the students being lured with bogus data by the nation's law schools.