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LEAGOO Rolls out the Coolest and Most Durable Smartphone M5

Great news for those who have been on the look-out for a cool and durable Smartphone. LEAGOO has finally launched the coolest and most durable Smartphone that has all the elements including reasonable pricing, implicit toughness and an amazing hardware configuration. LEAGOO says their high-quality M5 is solid and shockproof. Further, the device will not get impacted even if it is dropped by accident because it has been built with durability in mind.

LEAGOO M5, the World's First Nano "All-Metal" Closed Loop Frame Smartphone Is Launched

The news that LEAGOO has launched the all new Nano smart phone with durability, latest hardware configuration and shock resistance, may gladden a million smart phone users. LEAGOO M5 is designed impeccably to resist any kind of damage or fall. It is sturdy and rugged, thanks to its all metal frame body.

LEAGOO M5 Launched with All New Amazing Features

The LEAGOO M5 is one of the most solid and rugged smart phones so far. This shock proof smart phone is ingrained with military bullet proof glass. It has a 2.5D unbreakable tempered glass that offers maximum protection. It has a multi functional finger print sensor. This smart phone can be unlocked in less than 0.19 seconds.

LEAGOO Manufactures High Quality Smart Phones

LEAGOO, a brand owned by the OTEDA team that has proven their track record in mobile communication, has launched brand new smart phones with a range of new features. The company focuses on high quality, design and impeccable customer service.

Leagoo Launches High Speed and Stylish Smart Phones

The OTEDA group introduces a high quality smart phone ingrained with a wide number of modern features. The company has launched a brand new smart phone with five point touch screen and high cost performance.

OTEDA Team Offer Leagoo Smart Phone with Advanced Features

Leagoo is set to change the lifestyle of smart phone users with its latest smart device. The all new smart phone is ingrained with a host of features with non-break point all metal frame, shock proof, finger print sensors and five point touch screen.