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The 30% Discount for the Professional DVD Burner Software Leawo DVD Creator Will Become Invalid by Next Friday

LogoAs the two-month-long Giveaway & Specials Campaign launched by Leawo Software comes to an end on 20th Jul, The final chance to get the company's star product, Leawo DVD Creator, is in play and will become invalid by next Friday.

Leawo's iOS Wireless File Sharing App AirShareUp Is Updated to V1.2.0.0 Adding the Ability to Backup Videos and Photos on iOS Devices

LogoAirShareUp is a brand new wireless file sharing and transferring app developed for iOS device users to quickly and efficiently share media files between iOS and PC or different iOS devices. Earlier this week, a new update is released with new features added to it. The new AirShareUp V1.2.0.0 now supports backing up videos and photos on iOS devices to PC, manually or automatically. The new version is now available for downloading in the program's official website.

Tunes Cleaner Proves the Reason for Not Firing Up iTunes Though Apple Music Now Allows Subscribers to Listen to Songs Using Web Browser

LogoIt's been a while since Apple announced that an Apple Music web widget has been online to allow subscribers to listen to full songs with web browser. Once iOS users could only listen to Apple Music by downloading and installing Apple Music app to iPhone/iPod/iPad or resorting to iTunes on desktop. However, this improvement may change the history.

Facebook Now Allows Users to Add Music to Videos and Music Recorder Helps to Expand the Music Material Range

LogoThe marketing spokesperson of Leawo Software, Sophia, said that the music recording utility Music Recorder will embrace greater market since Facebook has made the change to permit users to upload music to edited videos on Leawo's staff meeting. And it's a hard-won chance to promote and improve this software program. The news about Facebook in a nutshell, is a permission which means Facebook offers users to include licensed music in the personal videos people create. Exactly, Music Recorder is a practical tool that could help user to record online audio from any source.

Save 30% to Get Top-Notch Media Converter - Leawo Video Converter for Free Enjoyment on Music and Movie in Summer

LogoFor bringing more brighter color to the life on this vigorous summer vocation, Leawo Software launched the 2018 Summer Sale on May 10th and Leawo Video Converter - one of the most hit products is currently being sold at $20.96 for one year and $27.96 for life time separately with a 30% price off the original price.

iOS Data Recovery Becomes the Remedial Measure for Apple Users Who Tried iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Beta Version

LogoAfter the Apple WWDC 2018, Apple fans could update their iOS devices to the official iOS 12 version. And before this meeting, Apple has released the iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 beta version earlier. A large number of early adopters have downloaded and tried this beta system.

iTransfer Is Declaimed to Soon Add Support to the Backup and Transfer Issues of iOS 12 Upon the Release of the WWDC of Apple 2018

LogoiOS 12 was announced to be released on the WWDC 2018 keynotes in San Jose, California by Cook. It's an exciting product launch just as before, Apple added several new outstanding and interesting features to the new version. The most attention-getting point is that the performance of iOS 12 is optimized to core apps like Mail and Camera. And this time, Apple newly added ARKit 2 features to showcase. With this feature, users will be able to use AR to see the size of items just by dragging a finger across them when camera is pointed. Apple showed this feature by sizing up a suitcase and a photograph for framing.

Leawo Apple Utilities Fully Support the Backup and Recovery of Football Fans' 2018 FIFA Precious Memories

LogoThe long-anticipated 2018 World Cup finally started in Russian. Many people turned up to Russian to view the matches. And the enthusiasm of people who are not able to watch the game on the spot are not less than the live audiences at all. The Word Cup themed songs rushed to the top positions of all the charts and the recorded games are widely and quickly spread among football fans.

Leawo's Selling Its Signature Blu-Ray Processing Program: Blu-Ray Copy at 30% Discount in Its Summer Sale

LogoLeawo's 2018 Summer Sale started officially on May 10th and it's currently featuring a large quantity of its products at great discounts. Leawo Blu-ray Copy, for one, can be purchased at 30% discount using the sitewide 30%-off coupon. It's one of Leawo's signature Blu-ray processing products that enables users to back up their Blu-ray discs to computer and to another disc. The 30%-off coupon would be valid for Leawo Blu-ray Copy until July, 20th, 2018.

Get Leawo DVD Ripper for Free from Leawo's Summer Sale and Get Forgotten DVD Disc Collections Digitized with No Cost

LogoSummer is here as well as Leawo's 2018 Summer Sale promotion activity. This sales promotion of Leawo's was first launched on May 10th, 2018. To turn up the heat on this sales promotion, the company decided to feature Leawo DVD Ripper as a giveaway during the whole activity. Leawo DVD Ripper is a powerful DVD movie converter designed by the company to help DVD collectors to digitize and convert their DVDs to videos in common formats. During the promotion period, which is from May, 10th to July 20th, users can get this program for free by sharing the promotion on Facebook.