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Level 1 Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

LogoThe Holidays can be a difficult time to manage for many reasons; however, Level 1 Fitness has advice for those looking to stay healthy this holiday season! Instead of focusing on foods that are off-limits, appreciate the wealth of food that can be consumed in a healthy, if moderate, way. To prepare for the feasting, make sure to hit the gym hard to build up muscle mass instead of body fat. By following these simple tips, one can still take in the fullness of the holiday rather than worrying over every calorie.

Level 1's SoCal Fitness Philosophy

LogoLevel 1 Fitness, Old City's upscale alternative gym, opened in 2007 with a specific goal from owner Frank Calandrino: to bring Southern California's holistic approach to fitness to the East Coast. Frank himself lived in Southern California for 10 years and observed the differences between the West Coast conception of fitness as part of a lifestyle and the East Coast's more cyclical relationship to gym culture. Since the Level 1's founding, Frank and his experienced trainers have infused the gym with a holistic path to wellness that broadens to include mental health and nutrition in addition to hitting the gym. This approach has opened up Level 1's client base to a more diverse audience rather than the usual gym rats or bodybuilders to include neighborhood residents looking for fitness to work for them, instead of being a necessary chore.

Level 1 Fitness Offers Exclusive Kinesis Training

LogoLevel 1 Fitness, Old City's contemporary alternative gym, boasts the only Kinesis wall and Kinesis training in the city of Philadelphia. Kinesis training is centered around Technogym's state-of-the-art Kinesis wall, which is comprised of four panels of machines that create a whole-body fitness experience. By combining cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training in one session, Kinesis training also improves balance, core strength, and muscular coordination. Kinesis, and all of Level 1's offerings, can benefit participants of any fitness level.