Lighthouse Assisted Living Inc.

Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial Refurbish Their Facilities to Provide Highest Quality Health Care to Persons With Dementia Disorders

Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial announce that they are revamping and refurbishing their three facilities at Centennial, namely Elizabeth House, Steele House, and Irwin House, to enhance the quality of health care services offered to their residents afflicted with dementia related disorders. Each home houses only eight residents so that individual and personalized attention is provided to each resident. Steps have been taken for full compliance with and city and state licensing and codes for zoning and fire safety. All the assisted living homes Centennial have been designed for very high values than regular homes. These facilities are licensed by the Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado and the officials of the Department regularly inspect the facilities and safety norms of the homes for highest level of care to elders.

Lighthouse Assisted Living Englewood Organizes Game Days to Enhance Quality of Life of Its Residents

Lighthouse Assisted Living Englewood announced that it is organizing special game days to encourage its residents experience very high quality of life, without compromising on assisted living care. Each home accommodates only eight residents to provide excellent care to the residents and fulfill their special preferences and needs. One game day is conducted with cards and words. Another game day consists of puzzles.