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LJR Marketing Look Ahead to the Premier League ‘Manchester Showdown’

As the English Premier League nears its conclusion, LJR Marketing believe the great rivalry between the league’s top two teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, has had an extremely positive effect on everyone in the city of Manchester.

LJR Marketing Believe The New Raspberry Pi May Revolutionise The Computing World

LJR Marketing first heard of the credit-card sized computer late last year and although it was primarily designed for educational institutions and hobbyists, recent reports now suggest the mini-computer’s popularity has boomed. According to SlashGear.com “Delivery on the first major batch of Raspberry Pi computers recently began and pre-orders have already reached 350,000 units [and] has generated a lot of interest since its initial 10,000 unit debut back in February, which sold out within minutes.”

LJR Marketing Investigates the Potential Effects of Limiting Charitable Donations

LJR Marketing discovered this week that some universities have voiced concerns over plans to introduce a cap on the amount of money a person may donate to charitable organisations.

LJR Marketing Comments on the Death of the Retail Industry

After recently announcing plans to expand throughout 2012, LJR Marketing admitted this week they were not surprised to see the retail industry showing little signs of a potential recovery.

LJR Marketing Investigates the Causes Behind the Latest Fuel Crisis

LJR Marketing has watched in recent weeks as increasing petrol prices hit an all-time-high and the UK Chancellor’s decision not to cancel a planned fuel duty increase set for August was met with widespread disappointment and dismay.

LJR Marketing Investigate Starbucks Plans to Revitalise Their UK Stores

Direct Sales & Marketing Experts LJR Marketing took a keen interest in reports surfacing this week that Starbucks are planning to change the recipe of its coffee after sales of extra caffeine shots rocketed.

LJR Marketing Look Ahead to Facebook Going Public This Week

Social networking giant Facebook is expected to begin filing to sell stock on the open market as early as Wednesday 1st February in the most high profile initial public offering (IPO) since Google in 2004.

LJR Marketing Asks if the New iPad Spells the End for All Other Tablets

LJR Marketing has been a long-standing fan of the iPad, even incorporating its usefulness into everyday business in their Manchester branch. What surprised many Apple fans was the decision to call the new tablet ‘the new iPad,’ prompting LJR Marketing to ask: Is Apple trying to turn ‘iPad’ into the generic word for a tablet? There is certainly a plan behind the name, as Apple seldom enters the market with anything other than domination in mind.

LJR Marketing Loves the New Bamboo Smartphone

After becoming frustrated with a lack of variety in the mobile phone market, a 23 year old student from Middlesex University has designed a Smartphone made out of Bamboo.

LJR Marketing Keen on Expansion Into New Markets

With huge expansion planed for 2012, incorporating a new client is the first challenge set for LJR Marketing and they are relishing it.