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Do Not Fear the Overpowering Smoke when You Have Smoke Dampers in Place

LogoThe well-being of the residents in a building is of enormous importance to builders and developers since a minor negligence in those lines will lead to a terrible disaster. If safety aspects are not given importance to then, a rock-solid structure is not going to remain such for a long time. Very frequently these days, we hear massive fire accidents taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Any detection of a small safety issue ought to be brought to the attention of the management if the building has to remain safe for long. In short, the HVAC system in a building helps a lot to save people from the ordeals of fire, to a great extent.

Use Back Draft Dampers to Keep Fresh Air in and Stale Air Out

LogoThe HVAC system in a building or an apartment is what determines the health of the residents. Though much is being done to keep the house tidy and clean, there still remains the problem of inhaling stale air that gets accumulated from time to time. Adults and children get affected very often if the bad air is not removed quickly enough to be replaced with fresh air. Lloyd Industries offers the best of solutions by introducing “Back Draft Dampers” to deal with the unhygienic air that permeates the house.

Lloyd Industries Has Set a New Benchmark on Residential Safety That Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

LogoConstructing a building is as much an art as any other. Cement and bricks alone can’t make a house remain strong forever. Instead, there are factors to be considered to increase the life span of a building. Normally buildings constructed using bricks are a lot stronger than structures made of concrete blocks. Additionally a brick building has more life than houses built with other building materials. Yet, to sustain the strength of the building, certain precautions are taken such as developing vents alongside the walls.