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College Planning Inside Secrets Revealed on ESPN Radio

Two college planners have launched a radio show to reveal 'insider' information about college financial aid, student loans and how to find grants, scholarships and other free money for college. The pair will also debunk the greatest myths about college financial aid, including the false belief that families with high, six figure incomes cannot qualify for financial aid. College costs are astronomical and increase at a rate roughly double the rate of inflation. However, there is more than 130 Billion of financial aid available. Yet, 53% of all eligible families do not apply for financial aid, mainly because they mistakenly believe that they do not qualify.

College Planning Interns BANNED at State of Florida-Sponsored Financial Aid Event – Event Officials Threaten, Intimidate Interns, Rip Literature, Call Police

Officials for a state-sponsored financial aid event underwritten by student lenders prevent interns of college planning firm from exercising their rights of free speech by leaf-letting event attendees about alternatives to high-fee, high-rate student loans.

Weston College Planning Firm Debunks Dirty Little Secret About State-Sponsored Countdown to College Event

If you're a college-bound student in Florida looking for advice on how to fill out the FAFSA, think twice about your options presented at the College Countdown.

It’s Getting Harder to Qualify For Student Loans Thanks to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, But Little Known Secrets Make it Easier Than Ever to Qualify For Financial Aid

It is harder to qualify for student loans due to the subprime mortgage crisis. But there is more than 80 Billion of financial aid available, yet an estimated 53% of all eligible students never apply, probably because they think they make too much money. College Planning Specialists of Florida teach free workshops that reveal the "inside secrets" of how to qualify for financial aid - "How to Pay for College Without Going Broke."

Threat of Fire Marshall Causes College Planners to Schedule Two Additional Free Workshops

Due to overflowing crowds, College Planners add additional workshops this month that reveal inside information on How to Pay for College Without Going Broke.