Love eCig

Love Ecig Offers a Stylish and Durable Extreme Kit Battery for an Uninterrupted Smoking Experience

Love cig offers a stylish and durable Extreme Electronic cigarette Batteries that is sure to last all day. The electronic cigarette battery comes in many styles and capacities ranging from small stick batteries that resemble actual cigarettes to larger mAh batteries that are closer in size to that of a small cigar. Some even have an LED tip that lights up as the user draws on it, which resembles the lit cherry on the end of an electronic cigarette. Others are more stylish and light up with a blue LED.

Enjoy the Fresh Kick to the Throat With the Love eCig Flavored E-Liquid

Love E Cig is proud to offer the new Love E Liquid range of E Liquids to satisfy the taste buds of every electronic cigarette users. The Love ecig range of eliquid comes in five different flavors like that of tobacco, cherry, cappuccino, menthol. All the ingredients in the eliquid are used in many foods people consume every day. These ingredients are added in proprietary amounts, combined and placed inside the cartridge of an electronic cigarette.

Love Ecig Offers Wide Array of Flavor Packs to Suit Every Taste, Preference and Budget

Designed to satisfy every smoker’s taste buds, Love ecig electronic cigarette cartridges come in a full array of flavors and strengths – choose from non-nicotine, ultra-light, light and full flavored. Users can choose from a multitude of flavors. A few of these include fruity flavors such as cherry exotic choices such as coffee, fresh menthol. For those who are more into a traditional-tasting tobacco, premium tobacco is also available. All of these flavors are there to give a smoker a great electronic cigarette experience.

Love Ecig Offers 10ml Bottle of Eliquid Free With Their Electric Cigarette Starter Kit

Love ecig offers 10 ml bottle of eliquid free with their electric cigarette starter kit. The Love ecig starter kit is the next generation of PCC mobile design and technology, coming with high spec. The love eCig kit gives the user both optimal performance and stunning look. The electric cigarette pcc box is smaller than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and half the depth, thus making this pcc the most practical and convenient for user's to carry in shirt pockets, pants pocket, etc. The pack ensures that the electric cigarette battery is charged and ready for use at all times. The mini pack feels as good as it looks and can store 3 tanks, 1 loaded tank can be the equivalent to 30 cigarettes.

Love ECig offers Extreme Electronic Cigarette Batteries Which Is both Stylish and Durable

Love eCig offers eCig batteries that once fully charged is sure to last all day. Love eCig is known for providing its customers with the very best eCig accessories and when it comes to e cig batteries, they have certainly upheld this tradition. The e-cig battery component automatically activates electronic cigarette when a drag is taken, allowing user to smoke virtually anywhere at any time.

The Stunning High Tech PCC Love eCig Smart Pod Starter Kit

There is no question that since first being invented in 2003 the electronic cigarette aka electric cigarette or e cig, has come a long way, and progressed rapidly over the following 9 years. There are currently a huge amount of products on offer and the manufacture and design of e cigs continues to develop and improve quickly with in this relatively new and exciting market place offering a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.