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LT Organics Launches Campaign to Donate Portion of Proceeds to Cancer Charity

Argan Oil has been making headlines for quite some time due to its cosmetic rejuvenation benefits; however, recently conducted testing noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates this substance may also hold potential in the world of cancer treatment. In honor of this discovery, Lizzie Brewis of LT Organics has launched the company's campaign to donate a portion of its Argan Oil product sales to North Carolina based charity, Vs. Cancer Foundation.

LT Organics Expands Generous, Popular vs. Cancer Foundation Donation Program

LT Organics, the premier source for organic, 100% Moroccan argan oil, announced an expansion of the company's highly successful charitable giving program. For a limited time, LT Organics will double the company's usual contribution under the program to the Vs. Cancer Foundation, a leading childhood cancer research and medical charity. The efforts of the Vs. Cancer Foundation directly impact over 40,000 children with cancer every year, and LT Organics will now donate $2 to the Foundation for every argan oil product purchased from the company.

LT Organics Launches Efforts to Increase Awareness of Proven Argan Oil Benefits

According to recent consumer news, the beauty industry currently generates more than $400 billion annually. Despite the vast array of items available for improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails, millions of men and women report deep dissatisfaction with the results of many of the products on the market. In light of the public's growing concern over the validity of their spending in this sector, Lizzie Brewis, founder of LT Organics, has launched efforts to increase awareness of a promising commodity.

LT Organics Announces Argan Oil Cream That Let's Consumers Donate to Cancer Charity

Contributing to “Elle Magazine” columnist Victoria Hoff has written “What Happens When You Swap Your Entire Beauty Regime For Just Oil?” Victoria Hoff writes, “In the past, natural oils used for beauty were touted only by those in the back-to-earth movement. Now however, every models, actresses and celebrities advocate the use of organic oil-based products. One of these substances is argan oil and its usage for skin, hair and nail care.”

LT Organics Announces New Charitable Program Benefiting vs. Cancer Foundation

LT Organics, a leading retailer of top-quality argan oil imported directly from Morocco, announced the commencement of a new charitable giving campaign. From now on, all orders placed through the company's online store at will result in donations of $1 to the Vs. Cancer Foundation for each bottle purchased. In addition to supplying customers with the freshest, highest-quality, all-organic, extra-virgin-grade argan oil, the operators of LT Organics believe in the value of charitable giving, and the new campaign is a reflection of this important corporate commitment.

Increase in Popularity of Argan Oil Prompts Morocco to Increase Production of Oil

Often considered an amazing elixir for the entire body, argan oil Products have grown substantially in the last two years, so much in fact, the Moroccan government is preparing to ramp up production of the product, going from a current rate of 4,000 tons to an anticipated rate of 10,000 tons per year. Local business LT Organics, a company that routinely imports its goods from Morocco, reports a significant increase in sales of argan oil for skin and hair rejuvenation.

LT Organics Publishes New Surprising Benefits of Pure Argan Oil

Many cosmetic products only work for one or two specific issues, so it's no wonder that people get excited when they find something that can improve the user's body in a wide variety of ways. According to multiple reports, argan oil is one such product. It's often advertised as a great way to improve hair, but according to sellers like LT Organics, it can do much more.

LT Organics Reveals They Will Donate to Cancer for Each Bottle of Argan Oil Sold

For the last several years the buzz in the health and beauty industries has been all about the skin and hair benefits of a once little known oil that comes from a tree found only in the semi-arid desert of Southwestern Morocco. The tree grows a unique fruit that takes over a year to mature, and inside the fruit is a small nut with seed kernels inside the nut. Native goats climb these scrubby trees to eat the fruit, but they spit out the nuts which are then collected by indigenous women who crack the nuts and hand press the pure, lightweight and golden oil that resides inside the seeds. This is Argan oil at its purest.

LT Organics Reveals New Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil continues to increase in popularity, gaining a stronghold in the $420 million personal-care products sector. This precious oil, only found in Morocco, offers numerous benefits, which helps to explain why exports have doubled over the past few years. When one goes to choose products containing Argan Oil, care must be taken to ensure one receives 100 percent Argan Oil for the best results. For this reason, many choose to purchase from LT Organics (

LT Organics Promotes Pure Argan Oil and Its Many Health Benefits

Berber women in Morocco first used Argan Oil centuries ago for treating various medical conditions and for cooking. Over the years, others discovered new ways to make use of the oil, and, thanks to a rise in the popularity of natural remedies for the treatment of various health and skin conditions, many turn to products such as this to obtain relief. "When choosing products for use in or on the body, care must be taken to ensure they are of the highest quality, and LT Organics can be of assistance here," Lizzie Brew, spokesperson for LT Organics, states.