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Lucien Elements Emerges in the Iphone World with the Launch of Exclusive Cases

Statistics reveal an excess of 1.5 billion iphone owners across the globe. Each iphone in use creates the need for a case to protect the owner's mobile device. With such a limited selection of cases available in department stores, a number of iphones become indistinguishable from the countless others in their proximity. In light of these facts and figures, world renowned jewelry designer, Lucien Elements, has made their inaugural appearance in the iphone world with the launch of their exclusive line of iphone cases.

Lucien Elements Launches Lucien Elements Unique Iphone Cases

Market research reveals most department stores, electronics emporiums and specialty boutiques generally carry an average of 10 different iphone case models for the public to choose from. Given the number of iphones currently in use, this presents a limited level of diversity in iphone protection. In order to provide the public with a more unique array of individuality, famed jewelry designer Lucien has launched their most recent offering, the Lucien Elements line of iphone cases.

Lucien Elements Launches Exclusive iPhone Case Line

According to statistics recently released, over five million iPhone 5 units were sold in the first two months of being released with two million sold in pre-orders in the first 24 hours alone. These numbers indicate the popularity of the iPhone and the lengths consumers will go to own this iconic name brand, says the exclusive maker of iPhone cases, Lucien Elements, spokesperson. The same, he says, holds true for the iPhone covers the consumers use to protect their phones.

Lucien Elements Launches Iphone Cases Featuring Sturdy Design and Swarovski Crystals

Marketing statistics indicate the average cost of a standard iphone case is $25-$40. These price tags pertain to the typical, cookie-cutter varieties of cases seen on countless iphones throughout the world. An increasing number of consumers are trending toward more individualized methods of protecting their iphones. In answer to this growing demand for unique cases, Lucien Elements has launched their extensive line of exclusive iphone protectors.

Lucien Elements Presents iPhone 4s Phone Cases Sure to Attract Attention

According to, cell phone ownership continues to rise with 87 percent of American adults owning a cell phone in 2012. Of the cell phones in use in 2012, 45 percent were smart phones. "With so many mobile devices around today, users often find it hard to distinguish between their phone and the phone of another. With the help of the Most expensive designer iphone covers, this no longer has to be an issue as each user can have a unique phone cover that really stands out in a crowd," Jesse of Lucien Elements states.

Lucien Elements Showcases Pink iPhone 5 Cases Designed to Attract Attention

According to psychologists, pinks represents love and romance and is believed to have a calming effect on people. Prisons sometimes use pink to calm inmates and sports teams have, in the past, painted the locker room of the opposing team to make players less energetic before a match. "Many, when comparing luxury iphone cases, choose one of pink as it calms the mind and, with many cases to select from, finding a pink iphone 5 case has never been easier," Jim Sartek of Pink iPhone Cases states.