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GoLookUp Expands Its People Search Service to Every City and State in the United States

LogoTo provide its users with full access to public records, GoLookUp has expanded its people search service to every city and state in the country.

GoLookUp Celebrates 4 Years in Business

LogoThe internet has become an amazing source of information where people can go online and use search engines, such as Google, to search for data about anything they need. Search engines also provide information about people, but a better way to that is by using Background Check sites, such as GoLookUp.

GoLookUp Announces New Online Dating Background Check Service

LogoWith over 40% of Americans having an online dating profile, it has become crucial to conduct and online background check on people that register to such websites and apps. This type on check becomes even more important when reading about people who fell victims to online dating scammers.

GoLookUp Now Providing Nationwide Criminal Records Search Service

LogoRecords in the United States have been documented for over 100 years, and they allow authorities to keep important information about US residents, such as birth records, marriage records, criminal records, contact information, past violations and much more.

GoLookUp Launches Comprehensive Reverse Email Lookup Directory

LogoEvery person that has an email address is familiar with spam mails that are usually unsolicited and tend to pop up every time they open their mail. Despite clear laws in the matter, some advertisers find ways to get around the regulations and send spam mails to millions of people. The real problem is not with receiving spam mail, but with mails that contain malware and are intended to harm computers and even steal personal information.

GoLookUp Will Now Provide Users with a Reverse Phone Service

LogoGetting accurate information about people can be difficult, even with the prevalence of social media accounts that many people have nowadays. The details found in different social media accounts are written by the person they belong to, meaning they can falsify information and write everything they want.

GoLookUp Announces People Search Directory

LogoOver the past few decades there have been numerous incidences where people were deceived, injured and even killed at the hands of people they thought they knew. In many of these cases, the victims did not know their assailant for very long and did not have valuable information about them.

GoLookUp Will Now Allow Users to Find Unclaimed Money

Logo'Lost Money' has become a major issue over the past few years, and many people across the United States are discovering that they are entitled to money they left behind. Searching for lost funds can take up a long time, which brought about the need for a quick and accurate money search directory.

GoLookUp Will Provide Users with a Comprehensive Sex Offender Service

LogoAlong the years, the authorities in the United States have registered sex offenders across the country in order to keep track of them, and allow others to know about their past. As of today, there are over 700,000 of these registered sex offenders all across the country, meaning that it is highly likely that they live in most neighborhoods in the US.

GoLookUp Announces a Nationwide Background Check Directory

LogoWith the advancement of technology, and also the recording of major events in people's lives, we now have access to important records that were not available in the past. Accessing public records can provide us with comprehensive information about people that they do not reveal on their own, which can save lives in many cases.