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Blackpool Tower Call Upon Lustalux to Service Iconic SkyWalk

Having worked on a variety of high profile projects, Lustalux, the premier provider of window films and graphics were delighted to be commissioned to work on the famous and iconic SkyWalk glass floor at Blackpool Tower. Work on the Tower began initially in 2012 and has since continued to present day, providing high quality safety glass film to keep the see-through floor in pristine condition.

Follow Emerging Trends in Signage & Display

Over the last 20 years, the signage and display industry has undergone revolutionary changes, having to adapt and evolve to reflect the impact of the digital revolution. The marketing and promotion of large scale commercial businesses has shifted in its practices from primarily using print based methods of advertising such as Point of Sale (PoS) and shop-front graphics to incorporating digital signage solutions such as LED and illuminated signage and display.

The Future of Printed Display in the Digital Age

With the advent and rapid progression of the digital revolution, the pace of business in the UK and undoubtedly around the world has increased exponentially. This is bringing with it a wave of new product innovations and effective ways of reaching your target audience. Many businesses have adapted and evolved business practice to meet the rapidly changing demands of consumers, using digital media for a variety of operations, opening up new avenues to gain and communicate with new clients and to promote and advertise products and services.

Lustalux Prime and Protect Sky Walk at Blackpool Tower

Since 2012 Lustalux, a company specialising in the supply and installation of signage, window film and graphics throughout the UK, has been proud to service the iconic Sky Walk glass floor at Blackpool Tower - providing protective safety window film four times a year to ensure that it is constantly in the greatest condition.

Lustalux Supply Record Number of Vehicle Graphics

For years companies within almost all industries have been taking advantage of vehicle graphics and livery in order to transform their vehicles into crucial branding and advertising tools for their travelling consumers to see. Not only do vehicle graphics provide one of the utmost superior methods of getting a business noticed by a mass amount of people, but also compared to other advertising methods can be inexpensive.

Lustalux Provide UCLAN with Vibrant Wall Graphics

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) has recently undergone numerous cosmetic preparations to ensure that students both old and new can have the greatest welcome possible, by calling on leading provider of window film, graphics, and signs Lustalux Ltd to manufacture and install an assortment of vibrant wall graphics to liven the building's walls up.

Blackburn Shopping Mall Atrium Now Improved Thanks to Lustalux Ltd

Many shopping malls and centres across the UK are designed to create an outdoor "high street" feel in order to allow shoppers to feel the true retail experience, whilst protecting them from rain and other severe weather conditions. With such large expanses of glass however, one problem often occurs– one in which those at Blackburn Mall had noticed. Glass domes act as huge magnifying glasses, increasing the effects of glare and solar heat, making the overall shopping experience less enjoyable for all.