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LUV Bathrooms Introduces Loyalty Reward Scheme and Exclusive Facebook Special Offers

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and is one of the few places people can go for sanctuary, quiet reflection and indulgence. The bath and shower are too often treated as essential cleaning implements and little else, which means many home owners are missing the opportunity to have some affordable everyday luxury in their lives. LUV Bathrooms believes in a better bathroom for all, and specializes in affordable luxury bathroom products. To encourage people to transform their bathrooms, they have just instituted a loyalty reward scheme and exclusive Facebook special offers.

LUV Bathrooms Offers to Beat Their Own Best Price Guarantee by £5 on Every Item in Store

Bathrooms are not just a place to get clean, they are the one place in the house where people can find quiet, calm and reflection, and perhaps even a little luxury. Too many people consider the shower a necessity and not a luxury, but LUV Bathrooms is here to change that. LUV Bathrooms is a champion of affordable luxury, and stocks amazing products like steam showers and whirlpool baths to help people get the most out of their bathing experience with a deeper clean in a more enjoyable format. To make things irresistibly affordable, the company has recently announced £5 off everything in their catalogue on top of their best price promise. Expands Range of Products Available to Include Insignia and Aqualusso

For most people the bathroom is a room for essential functions only. However, when people visit hotels or spas, those same functions suddenly become luxuries, due to a combination of the surroundings and facilities available. The truth of the matter is that people can get these luxuries in their own home to enjoy a spa feeling every day, and LUV Bathrooms has just launched to make waves in the world of affordable luxury. LUV Bathrooms has just expanded their range to include whirlpool baths and sauna room showers to create the bathroom experience of a lifetime.

LUV Bathrooms Launches Interest Free Credit on All Orders over Five Hundred Pounds Offer

Remodeling the bathroom can be a nightmare. Uprooting things that have stayed the same for years and going without basic things like a flushing toilet or running shower can obviously add a lot of stress to anyone’s life. What’re more, remodeling can be so expensive as to put people off from undergoing such stress, even if they would love the result. Fortunately, is a new website dedicated to providing bathroom suites that are fast and effective to install, and are now offering interest free credit on all purchases over five hundred pounds to help take the sting out remodeling.

LUV Bathrooms Launches to Provide the Very Best Luxury Bathrooms at Rock Bottom Prices

The bathroom is one of the jewels in the crown of any home. While the kitchen delivers nourishment and community, the bathroom is a private space for calm indulgence. As such, it is important for any home to have the best bathroom possible, and the bath and shower unit is arguably the most fundamental centerpiece to get right. Unfortunately, sourcing a bathroom from conventional sources proves inconvenient, expensive, and often under-serves peoples’ imaginations. Thankfully, LUV Bathrooms has been launched to provide an online space to secure the latest bathroom innovations at the most affordable prices in the UK.