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M-CAT Enterprises' CEO Anyck Turgeon Recognized as Featured CFE of the Quarter by World's Largest Organization of Anti-Fraud Professionals

LogoM-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT) today announced CEO and global security expert Anyck Turgeon has been recognized in the 2013 Anti-Fraud Resource Guide (second edition). The guide is published quarterly by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the world's largest organization of anti-fraud professionals. Selected amongst 65,000 active members, Turgeon is an Austin-based Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). She has successfully fought white collar crime, globally, with tech innovation for more than 25 years.

Big Data News: Texas-Based Fraud and Security Firm M-CAT Enterprises Leads the Way with First Inmon-Certified Female Data Scientist Anyck Turgeon

LogoM-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT) today announced CEO and global security expert Anyck Turgeon has become one of twelve Inmon-certified data scientists worldwide. Upon completing Bill Inmon's ground-breaking masters-level course in textual disambiguation over big and other unstructured data, Turgeon is the first certified female data scientist among an elite group of highly sought-after experts. Already uniquely qualified to merge and analyze a vast array of advanced data management solutions and applications, and a certified fraud examiner (CFE), Turgeon can now skillfully parse through up to 80 percent of unutilized corporate data to anticipate, identify and eliminate fraudulent activity and security breaches across the enterprise.

West Fertilizer Storage Facility Explosion Exposes Alarming Trend in U.S. Chemical Safety and Security

LogoAs a result of on-site preliminary assessment performed by global security expert Anyck Turgeon, M-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT) is releasing three informational resources to help raise the understanding and awareness of chemical safety issues: i) a Firestorm interview revealing initial alarming on-site findings ii) a comprehensive article exposing the economics of poor chemical security practices and providing ten easily implemented recommendations iii) link to a live interview on May 29, 2013 to address other security challenges and best practices towards fire avoidance in manufacturing and/or storage facilities containing toxic and explosive chemicals such as fertilizers.