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Universal Records Motown Recording Artist Sabrina Sloan Stars in Ray Charles Live!

In addition to recently recording her new album with Universal Records Motown, Sabrina Sloan (American Idol Season Six) will be starring in the new musical Ray Charles Live! at The Pasadena Playhouse. Sloan will be playing Margie Hendricks, a prominent role brilliantly played by Regina King in the film “Ray.”

American Idol’s Sabrina Sloan and MLC PR Join Forces

American Idol top 16 finalist, Sabrina Sloan, has signed on for PR services according to Mona Loring, president of M. Loring Communications, LLC. Sloan’s exit from American Idol left many fans and viewers in shock. According to public opinions from blogs, radio shows and other media, Sloan’s departure was neither warranted nor expected.

R Signs American Idol’s Alaina Alexander

Mona Loring of M. Loring Communications, LLC announced today that American Idol top 20 finalist, Alaina Alexander, has signed on for their public relation services. Even though Alexander’s been off of American Idol for three weeks, she is still stirring up a lot of buzz. Alexander has recently been involved in a number of conflict-ridden issues such as dating Ryan Seacrest, Idol contestant Chris Richardson and posting ‘sexy’ photos on her Myspace. A recent blog on TMZ led to hundreds of thousands of Myspace views in one day. Clearly, not everyone in America was ready to part ways with Alexander.

MLC PR Signs MTV Real World Denver Star Davis Mallory

M. Loring Communications, LLC announced today that MTV Real World Denver star, Davis Mallory, has signed on for their services. Mallory, 23, a current star on the show’s 18th season, has decided to put his graduate school aspirations on a long-term hiatus. After some recent offers being thrown his way, he has decided that his passion is in the entertainment industry. In fact, Mallory is already in talks about a comedy role with an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He is also scheduled appear in the upcoming Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3, coming in 2007.

MLC PR Signs Unstoppable Award-winning Music Video Director and Visionary Shane Drake

M. Loring Communications, LLC announced that director and Red Van Pictures owner, Shane Drake, has signed on for their services. Drake, who was up for five MTV video music award nominations, won the top honor for Panic! At The Disco's "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" as the 2006 VIDEO OF THE YEAR.

Local Photographers Fight Hunger with an Auction-Style Fundraiser

It is always good to hear about someone helping others who are in need. Photographer, Bill Margulies has planned an altruistic event where 30 photographers are coming together to donate photographs for a wonderful cause.

Original Children’s Book Series Playdate Kids Launches In September 2006

Playdate Kids Publishing-- a new children’s publishing company founded by Tena Fanning, announced today that its first book series, The Playdate Kids: Self-help Series, authored by licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist, Dr. Annie Thiel, launches September 2006.

Marketing and PR Company Volunteers to Partner with Children’s Charity

Mona Loring, owner of M. Loring Communications-- a client-oriented marketing and PR company, announced today that she has partnered with A Child’s Desire. A Child’s Desire is a non-profit charity that provides grants for families seeking to adopt hard-to-place children, children with special needs and children over the age of eight.