Indian Wedding Catering Company, Maharaja, Pays £75k for a Domain Name

The news that Maharaja London Limited, an Indian catering company pays £75,000 for obtaining the Domain Name,, may surprise everyone. Especially, in the present economic situation of Britain, this may be all the more surprising. The country has just started loosening their belts after the severe recession though a number of business people are still adopting a cautious approach towards their spending. It is in this context the news that the company has reportedly parted with a 5-figure sum for the domain name reveals that they give a lot of importance to this domain name and that the economic situation has not restrained them from making this decision.

Maharaja London Ltd Registers

Maharaja London Ltd, an up and coming Indian catering company has spent a whopping £75,000 for the domain name

Indian Wedding Caterer, @Maharaja Enters the Market with a Boom

The news that Indian Catering Company has paid £75,000 for acquiring the Domain Name may be surprising to everyone. Though it is true that the economy of UK has started improving, people are wary and are still adopting frugal ways in their spending. It is in this context this news surprises everyone.