Joan of Arc’s 600th Birthday and the Significance of Her Birth on the Epiphany

The 600th anniversary of Saint Joan of Arc’s birthday will be next week on January 6, 2012, and author Ben D. Kennedy has released a paper to celebrate this special anniversary that details the significance of Joan of Arc’s birth on the Epiphany.

Joan of Arc Biography by Mark Twain Now Available Online announces that the famous biography about Joan of Arc by Mark Twain in now available free online in an easy to read format.

Joan of Arc’s 599th Birthday Celebrated in 2011 at

The 599th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s birthday is this Thursday, January 6, 2011, and is celebrating Joan's birthday with a special page containing historic details about her birth.

Joan of Arc Memorial Day

The anniversary of the death of St. Joan of Arc on Sunday May 30th is memorialized at Joan of Arc website

Joan of Arc And Women's History Month 2010 celebrates Women's History Month 2010 with free resources all about St. Joan of Arc

Women’s History Month and Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc website celebrates Women’s History Month with free resources. Joan of Arc was one of the greatest women to ever live and Women’s History Month is a wonderful opportunity to remember her and celebrate her contributions to the world. Joan continues to be an inspiration and role-model to women today because of the outstanding qualities she exhibited during her brief life. Famous 19th century Scottish author and historian Andrew Lang once described Joan as the “Flower of Chivalry” which is a title that probably best summarizes her character.

Preview Joan of Arc Biography Online Now at Google Books

Maid of Heaven: The Story of Saint Joan of Arc is a best selling and critically acclaimed biography by Ben D. Kennedy about the legendary historical figure Saint Joan of Arc covering her entire life. Now with help from Google Books a little of the inside of Maid of Heaven can be previewed online providing everyone with a glimpse of the unique nature of this distinguished book about Joan of Arc. Every page contains exquisite border art displaying the life of Saint Joan in a way that enhances the understanding of the poetic verse contained inside the book. There are also seventeen full page historic paintings of Saint Joan by famous artists interspersed throughout the book covering the major events in Joan’s life as described in the narrative.

Preview Joan Of Arc Biography Online at Google Books

A free preview of best selling Joan of Arc biography Maid of Heaven is available online at Google Books.

Joan of Arc 598th Birthday Celebrated by

The 598th anniversary of the birthday of Saint Joan of Arc is Wednesday January 6, 2010, and a special page with details about the birth of St. Joan is available at to help people celebrate this special day.

Joan Of Arc Biography Online Preview Now Available At Google Books

Best selling and critically acclaimed Joan of Arc biography Maid of Heaven: The Story of Saint Joan of Arc by Ben D. Kennedy is now available at Google Books for previewing online.