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Flipping a House – Don't Make Costly Mistakes.

LogoHere are the 15 most common – and costly – errors both professionals and non-professionals make when flipping a house.

Why Price Comparing Kitchen Cabinets Can Be a Bad Idea?

LogoCabinet pricing is dependent on dozens of factors. Customers are simply not knowledgeable enough about cabinets to price compare accurately. Accordingly, customers who shop too much and don't trust a good kitchen designer usually fall prey to the first unscrupulous designer they meet.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

LogoThere are many possible kitchen storage solutions available for base, wall, and tall pantry cabinets. Rev-A-Shelf is the most common manufacturer for many of these internal cabinet convenances. Other manufacturers include Hafele, Kessebohmer, and sometimes the individual cabinet brands.

Insurance Claims: Don't Make Things Worse!

LogoUnfortunately, some of the kitchen projects Main Line Kitchen Design works on are due to water, fire or smoke damage and are financed by an insurance claim. Even more troubling is that by following the advice of their insurance company, homeowners start a process that wastes time and money, and almost always results in providing a fraction of the money needed for a new kitchen.

MDF Painted Cabinet Doors Rate Best!


Made in the USA. Is It Always Smart to Buy American Cabinetry?

LogoThe most labor-intensive part of cabinet production is the building, sanding, and finishing of cabinet fronts. For less expensive cabinetry, you simply can't get a well-made product that is 100% built in the US. Labor costs in Asia and Mexico are just too low. Accordingly, some American companies manufacture many of their cabinet parts in other countries, before assembling the cabinetry domestically.

If You Are Buying Kitchen Cabinets, Beware

LogoRecalling a time when the cabinet industry was less transparent. If you are buying kitchen cabinets this blog originally from 2011 is a valuable read.

The IKEA Effect: A Phenomenon That Drives Kitchen Designers Crazy!

LogoThe IKEA effect was identified and named by Michael I. Norton of Harvard Business School, Daniel Mochon of Yale, and Dan Ariely of Duke, who published the results of three studies in 2011.

Latest Cabinet Reviews for the Top Kitchen Cabinet Brands. Compiled by Kitchen Design and Cabinetry Experts.

LogoCabinet ratings for 2023: The top selling cabinet brands reviewed.