Male Contraception Initiative

Researchers Say More Male Birth Control Options Would Drastically Lower Unintended Pregnancy Rates

LogoA collaborative team composed of leading researchers across world-renowned institutions published an article analyzing the impact of new reversible male contraceptives. The paper, which is featured in the academic journal Contraception, used conservative modeling to show that new male contraceptives would avert unintended pregnancies by more than a hundred thousand per year in the United States and Nigeria, and by more than ten thousand per year in South Africa.

Male Contraception Initiative Launches Immediately Following Male Contraceptive Development

LogoThe time for male contraceptives is now. There’s no better time for Male Contraception Initiative to open its doors. Vasectomies came into the picture around the end of the 19th century. The latex condom was invented in 1920. Does that sound dated? It should, because it is.