Mango Animate

Mango Animate Text Video Maker Creates Interesting Typography TikTok Videos

LogoThe software has been praised for its ease of use and amazing features like pre-built templates, icon library, TTS service, and more, making it a solid choice for those who want to produce entertaining and inclusive content on the app.

Mango Animate Has an Animated Video Maker with Infinite Canvas

LogoAnimated videos have proven their worth in many different industries. They have been used to promote or explain a service or product, and this method is particularly useful in the education sector. Animation reads well with an audience and helps convey a message better. Recently Mango Animate has launched an animated video maker that empowers users to create engaging animated videos.

Mango Animate's Free Infographic Video Maker Creates Outstanding Videos

LogoThe fast and easy-to-use software power-packed with templates, animation effects, free assets, and more helps journalists, teachers, content creators, and presenters convey their information and data via visually appealing dynamic infographic videos.

Mango Animate Helps Create Vivid Animated Chalkboard Presentation Videos

LogoThe tool allows educators to build their chalkboard-style animated presentations by selecting from pre-made templates, adding animation effects, including visual elements, and adding narration to engage students.

Mango Animate's Whiteboard Presentation Software Creates Engaging Videos

LogoWhiteboard videos are a great way to educate an audience, tell the story in a fun and engaging manner, and explain an intricate topic. Whiteboard animations that businesses create for their websites and social media can increase the number of customers and clients they attract. However, to create these animated videos, conventional tools have a big learning curve and are mostly expensive. Mango Animate has developed a user-friendly whiteboard presentation software that is available for free.

Mango Animate's Animation Video Software Designs Videos with Customizable Effects

LogoThe software has a powerful multi-track timeline that helps customize the background, foreground, camera, and animation effects.

Mango Animate Launches a Free 2D Character Animation Maker with a Difference

LogoPeople of all ages love animated characters, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They've been a part of popular culture for decades — from cartoons to movies to video games. However, it is difficult for most people to create animated characters without animation knowledge and coding experience. Mango Animate has provided a free 2D character animation maker that enables everyone to bring their ideas into animated videos.

Mango Animate Reveals an Easy Animation Software Program

LogoLearning to use 2D animation software can be a lengthy and expensive task as most people are not artists and on a strict budget. Therefore everyone needs easy animation software. That's where Mango Animate comes into play. The leading animation software company has developed an easy, fun, and friendly animation software tool Mango Animate AM to help animators create awesome animated videos and GIFs.

Mango Animate Provides a Drawing Animation Software Tool for Great Visuals

LogoMango Animate recently released a drawing animation software tool for visually enhanced animations. The software comes with features and functionalities that help tailor animation videos to different subjects that resonate with audience needs. Working with this tool makes it easy to create perfect visual metaphors and illustrations that will present the message with all the details viewers need in order to understand and take action. Drawing animations provide the best way of presenting information in more captivating ways.

Mango Animate Launches a Free Doodle Video Maker for Marketing Videos

LogoMango Animate unveiled a free doodle video maker to help users make animated marketing and training videos. With premium-quality marketing videos, both marketers and enterprises have an opportunity to boost audience engagement and sales. Doodle videos present a unique hand drawing animation that allows viewers to watch as a voice narrates the marketing message while the hand draws the cartoon character. This will keep them glued to the video as they absorb the information being relayed.