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Mantra Yoga Announces 2018 Schedule for 200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

LogoMantra Yoga Center, a leading yoga training center in Goa, is known for offering extensive and thorough training courses on Ashtanga Yoga. These courses offer the right guidance that can help students to transform and lead a holistic yogic lifestyle. Mantra Yoga School has announced the Ashtanga Yoga TTC Schedule for 2018, where RYT 200 hours teacher training courses will be offered by the institution. These courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals, two of the most recognized non profit organizations for yoga teachers.

Mantra School in Goa Announces Opening Their New Yoga Village in Morjim

LogoMantra Yoga School in Goa with its new yoga village aims to be in sync with offering an authentic yogic experience. The facility is created in such a way that balances the positive element of yogic training without compromising on the necessities of simple modern lifestyle.The whole idea is about giving guests the feel of being at home without compromising the yogic harmony of the entire program that they have envisaged.

Mantra School Announces Dates for Yoga Holiday Retreats and Trainings in Goa

LogoIf one is planning a trip to Goa and enjoys yoga and wants to experience the excellent elation that it brings forth, then Mantra yoga school in Morjim is just the right place. There are many reasons why the yoga training and workshops conducted by Mantra scores significantly higher than many of its peers.

Mantra Yoga School Announce Dates of Ashtanga Yoga Retreats in Goa

LogoMantra Yoga School in Morjim announces the commencement of its forthcoming 2016-17 season in North Goa from November 2016. The center regularly conducts Ashtanga yoga retreats and workshops in Goa, which are aptly designed so as to suit the needs of all levels of yoga practitioners. The motive of these courses is to encourage the embracement and spread of a holistic yogic way of life.

Mantra School Announces 2017 Dates for Ashtanga Yoga Retreats in Goa

LogoMantra Yoga School is proud to announce 2017 season dates of its 5 day yoga retreats in Goa. It is the first of its kind of yoga retreat in Goa, which will take you through the subject of traditional yoga. The students practice and get insights into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series with the use of props. It's an excellent excuse to bask in beach life and get healthy at the same time.

Mantra Center Announces Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Dates in Goa for 2017-18

LogoMantra Yoga Center in Goa has released the schedule for its Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Courses to be held during 2017-18 session. The Ashtanga Yoga TTC aims to provide a life transforming experience to the students by offering them a comprehensive study of yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama and an in-depth experience needed to practice and teach Ashtanga yoga. Conducted at beautiful and serene location, this Ashtanga yoga center in Morjim offers the perfect opportunity of disconnecting oneself from the outer world and taking onto a discovery of one's inner world. Goa, with its picturesque beaches, landscapes, lush-green environment and soothing beach weather provides the perfect setting for learning yoga and meditation.