Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics Presents All Natural Products for a Variety of Skin and Hair Issues

Homeopathy gained popularity in the 1840s thanks to the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and remains based on three principles. First and foremost, the cure needs to be similar to the disease being treated and the smallest dose should be used. The third principle involves individualization or the treatment of the entire person, rather than just his or her illness. "Maple Holistics products, offered at, follow these principles and target specific problems while outlining the benefits of use of the product," David Ellis of Maple Holistics states.

Maple Holistics Provides Natural Cosmetic Products Lacking in Perfumes and Chemicals

According to statistics recently released by the Organic Trade Association, Americans spent over $500 million on organic personal care products in 2012 alone. For example, the ISA (International Spa Association) states that the spa industry is expanding rapidly to include more holistic services. Maple Holistics spokesperson David Eillis says that his company's panel of products have been hugely popular due to consumer's desire to experience a more natural product, lacking in perfumes and chemicals.