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Veteran Trader Anna Coulling Reveals 100-Year-Old Secret of the Top Traders

LogoAnna Coulling, veteran trader and No 1 best selling author on Amazon reveals in her new book, how to become a consistently successful trader, based on the analysis of volume and price. This is the approach that the iconic traders of the past used, to build huge fortunes from the markets. Iconic traders such as Richard Wyckoff, Jesse Livermore, Charles Dow and Richard Ney. All used tape reading as the cornerstone of their analysis, conveying as it did two simple pieces of information. Volume and price. In the book Coulling explains how to apply the same techniques in today's electronic markets of live charts and streaming data. The book is aimed at traders of all levels, and explains how to become a consistent and profitable trader using this powerful, yet forgotten technique. The book was released by Amazon and is available at