Mark Moran

Quit Smoking with the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

LogoAfter many years of smoking i finally found a product that helped me quit smoking the electronic cigarette starter kit,this was a great substitute for me after I decided my health was getting bad with all the poisons i was polluting my body with also the wheezing in bed at night and just basically struggling to breath not to mention my terrible morning cough and the impact this terrible habit was having on me financially. Over the years i have tried all the other nicotine replacement products to no avail or I had reactions to them and I always went back to the dreaded weed, but with the electronic cigarette starter kit i was confident and very happy from the start. Why this product made me so confident im not sure maybe because it was just like having a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals and whenever i need a nicotine hit i could just pull it from my pocket and have a quick toot on it where ever i happened to be at the time whether it was at the office or in a bar because no one minded. Plus their was the added bonus of playing about with the different e-liquids that are available with this instrument the flavours were awesome to experiment with,I have now been using the e cig for 3 months and am starting to ween myself from this now and I feel great also Ive had no side-effects to using it and my chest has cleared along with my nasty cough. I am aware of some bad press for the electronic cigarette from certain quarters because i did some research on them before i gave them a try and i agree they should be regulated because they shouldn't be sold to people under the age of eighteen because they contain nicotine but their are many products used daily in the manufacture of our drinks and food that are more harmful to humans,im just sharing my success of finally stopping smoking my food tastes great and life is a lot fresher and my children are so happy for me and im so happy i tried the electronic cigarette starter kit and anyone reading this that's trying to give up cigarettes i wish you well and hope you succeed as its a different life when you quit.