Obesity Concerns Change Focus of America’s $61 Billion Addiction to Munchies

While Americans feeding their addiction to munchies shelled out $61.4 billion for snack foods in 2005, a greater portion of their cash outlay went to healthier products, according to Snack Food Trends in the U.S., a new report from Packaged Facts.

Market Research Firm Specialists in Business Information Launches New Website

Market research firm Specialists in Business Information (SBI), a division of, has launched a new website,, to better serve the research needs of the marketing and business community.

Healthy Pediatric Drug Growth Sets Sales to Exceed $46 Billion by 2009

Although, the next 15-20 years will shift a majority of the population into the elderly population group, children will continue to remain the bulk of the dependent population worldwide with 9 in every 10 people falling into a pediatric age range in the less developed regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Therefore, the treatment of conditions and diseases affecting pediatrics and the healthy growth of children are vital to providing a solid foundation for healthy adults in the future.

Groundbreaking Report Finds Consumer Awareness of Food Safety Issues HIGH!

"Safety" is one of the most basic factors driving consumer behaviors about buying and eating food. Consumer awareness of food safety issues is high, exceeding 50% in many different categories.

Market for Surgical and Trauma Wound Care to Surpass $6 Billion by 2009

The worldwide market for products to treat surgical and trauma wounds will surpass the $6 billion mark by 2009, according to a study released today from Kalorama Information. Wound closure products, such as sutures and staples, dominate the sector which is currently displaying approximately 7% annual growth.