MENDOZA Is Running for Lemon Grove City Council

Matt Mendoza is announcing his candidacy for Lemon Grove City Council. The current City Council Member Mary England called Matt and asked him to run for the seat she is giving up, due to her candidacy in the State Assembly race for the 79th district. Mary stated; "I am happy to have encouraged Matt Mendoza to run as a council member for the City of Lemon Grove. In looking for a person to run for the seat I am vacating, I wanted a person that would protect the coffers of our small City, balance the budget without using the Reserves or one time money to do it, fight for our business community and make decisions that are in the best interests of all of the people we serve," England stated. "Matt will be that person. He brings a business minded approach to his campaign which is an important ingredient when looking for strong leadership," England further stated.

Republicans Take Two of the Top Three Spots in State Assembly Race

Two Republicans make it to the top three spots in the 79th State Assembly race. Mary England came in a close second with 29% of the vote and Matt Mendoza came in third with 13% of the vote. This must have been rather surprising to Local Political Analyst John Dadian, who was quoted in a May 25th article in the Mission Times Courier stating “It’s a strong possibility that a Republican could be the odd man out”. The title of the article was “79th District May Be a Race Between Democrats”, which was written by Michael Stetz. What’s even more astonishing is that Mendoza was a true grass roots organization with very little money; his campaign only spent $5820.00. The Democrat Rudy Ramirez spent $140,408.06 for his campaign, and Pat Washington spent $ 30,950.68 for her campaign and Sid Voorakkara spent $188,324.42 and all of them came in behind Mendoza.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association & Republican National Hispanic Assembly Endorses Matt Mendoza for California State Assembly 79th District

Matt Mendoza, conservative candidate for State Assembly 79th District, has been endorsed by both The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association led by Kris Vosburgh and The Republican National Hispanic Assembly led by Richard Loa.