Matt Weintraub for District Attorney

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub Unveils Two New Initiatives to Combat Local Crime and Drug Problems

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub has always prioritized the safety of Bucks County residents. To that end, he is pleased to announce two recent initiatives to combat not only crime in general, but also specifically to target the opioid epidemic that is plaguing the region. The first of these, CRIMEWATCH Bucks County, fuses technology with local law enforcement to create a transparent communication channel. The second initiative, Push Out the Pusher, creates an incentive for Bucks County residents to report drug activity in their area.

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub Introduces Six Detective Strike Force

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub will add six detectives to his team, dedicated to investigate what Weintraub referred to as, high-level drug dealers. These six detectives will be part of Weintraub's "Six Detective Strike Force," and will be supervised by one of his current detectives. The strike force's goal will be to investigate any leads regarding minor or major drug trafficking rings prevalent throughout Bucks County.