McElroy Parts

The McElroy PolyPorter Simplifies Pipe Handling

LogoMimeCo, a provider of industrial equipment rentals and machinery, is pleased to offer McElroy Parts. By elevating and streamlining the work process for quicker and more relevant results, McElroyparts offers cutting-edge solutions to any worksite, including the usage of the PolyPorter.

McElroy Polygon Fusion Machine Offers Versatile Features for Polypropylene Pipe

LogoThe McElroy Polygon is a versatile tool that can perform three different operations: butt fusing joints, fabricating miter joints from zero- to 45-degree angles, and socket fusion for polypropylene pipe.

McElroy Parts Provides Advanced Pipe Fusion Equipment Solutions

LogoMcElroy Parts is a world leader in the science of thermoplastic pipe fusion. The company provides a wide range of fusion machines and accessories to meet the needs of any project, from small-diameter pipe fusion in ditches to large-diameter pipe fusion in high-pressure applications.

McElroy Tritan™ 560 Fusion Machine: The Future of Pipe Fusion

LogoMcElroy Parts, a leading provider of pipe fusion equipment, is proud to provide the new McElroy Tritan™ 560 fusion machine. The Tritan 560 combines the mobility of the TracStar® iSeries, the pipe loading capabilities of the TalonTM 2000, and the ability to meet the pipe where it lays, all of which are hallmarks of McElroy’s most cutting-edge machinery equipment.

McElroy Parts Provides Acrobat™ Machine for Butt Fusion Joints

LogoMcElroy Parts, a leading provider of pipe fusion equipment, is proud to provide the Acrobat™ machine. The Acrobat is a lightweight, compact machine that is ideal for fusing pipe in small trenches and other confined areas.

McElroy PolyPorter Makes Pipe Handling Easy

LogoMcElroy Parts, supplied by MimeCo, is proud to offer the McElroy PolyPorter. This tried-and-true device can greatly improve the pipe handling process, providing safer and more efficient results. With cutting-edge solutions, the PolyPorter can elevate and streamline the work process, helping to get the job done quicker and better.

Unlock Flexibility and Power with the McElroy Pit Bull 618: The Comprehensive Fusion Unit for Confined Environments

LogoMcElroy Parts, a leading provider of polypropylene pipe fusion solutions, is proud to offer the McElroy Pit Bull 618, their comprehensive fusion unit designed for confined environments.

McElroy Parts: Stay Ahead of the Curve with the DataLogger 7 Software Update

LogoMcElroy Parts, a trusted supplier of fusion equipment, encourages all users of the DataLogger 7 to stay ahead of the curve by regularly updating the software.

McElroy Parts: Technologically Advanced Solutions for Time and Cost-Efficient Pipe Fusion

LogoMcElroy Parts is proud to provide technologically advanced, dependable, sturdy and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions.

Make Socket Fusion Hassle-Free with McElroy Parts

LogoMcElroy's socket fusion kits come with a 16-63mm socket heater, a 20-63mm adapter kit, depth gauge tool, Allen driver, adapter tray, heater sling, bench mount, and support frame. They also offer a P.P. 20-125mm SKT ADPTR Kit/Box for socket fusion. All of their McElroy parts for socket fusion meet ISO 15874, DIN 16962, and DIN 8077 pipes and fittings specifications.