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Better Training with McElroy Parts

LogoMcElroy Parts continues to concentrate on delivering cutting-edge, comprehensive training. This training is intended to emphasize productivity and efficiency while sticking to the fundamentals such as the current safety procedures when McElroy parts machinery is being used. McElroy Parts training is meticulously planned so that individuals are learning to operate the same machines found at job sites while acquiring the indispensable skills for safe and professional operation. Our instructors are pipelining job veterans and have a wealth of knowledge to share with eager students.

A One Stop Solution for Pipe Fusion Equipment in 2019

LogoThose that have yet to visit the McElroy Parts website may be missing out on a world of professional pipe fusion tools with the trusted and proven name of McElroy. The website features an extensive range of machines for pipes of different sizes. For instance, the TracStar® 500 Series 3 Fusion Machine can manage pipe sizes from 6" IPS to 20" OD (160mm – 500mm) and it is designed to move across uneven or rough terrain. The TracStar® 1200 Fusion Machine Package is a larger option that can fuse pipe from 16" OD to 48" OD (450mm to 1200mm).

Robust Pipe Fusion with the Powerful Talon 2000

LogoThe Talon 2000 currently represents the apex of McElroy pipe fusion machines. This robust tool is an innovative solution for any job requiring the fusion of large diameter thermoplastic pipe. The demand for this type of pipe is ever-growing as it becomes an increasingly viable solution to upgrade infrastructures that have aged while massively improving capacity for a multitude of real-world applications and countless scenarios.

Accessories for McElroy Machines

LogoWith our mission to provide all of the McElroy parts customers may need, the McElroy Parts website has a collection of LineTamer products and/or accessories available for purchase through the McElroy Parts website. As an example, customers can purchase the 2IPS LineTamer assembly without the trailer or the LineTamer Re-Rounder Assembly in just minutes.

Benefits of Machinery Equipment Rentals

LogoMachinery equipment by industry leading names such as McElroy is pricey, which means they represent a sizeable capital cost. If the machine is sold, it is possible the machine may depreciate in value over time, meaning a smaller return on investment. With renting, the costs of purchasing can be applied to other project areas.

Choosing the Right Machinery Equipment

LogoOptimum efficiency and capacity. Choosing a fusion machine by McElroy is a long-term investment that can deliver the power needed for numerous years to come. In fact, there is a possibility of coming across McElroy machines manufactured as early as the 1970s that are still being used on job sites today. The machine components like the facers and jaws are deliberately surface hardened for the best performance.

Hands-on Training for Industry-Leading Machinery

LogoToday's leading machines designed by major names like McElroy require a team of workers that know how to use their capabilities and how to emphasize job site safety. To assist companies with obtaining the vital skills and training, McElroy Parts takes exceptional pride in offering training services spearheaded by instructors with the proven experience to handle these machines in the best and safest way. These instructors are made up of people that have spent plenty of time on pipelining jobs and have developed real world hands-on knowledge. They are eager to share this knowledge with trainees, ensuring the best practices and standards are being utilized.

Discover the TracStar Machines Available Through McElroy Parts

LogoWhen it comes to fusing pipe from 16" OD to 48" OD (450mm to 1200mm), the TracStar 1200 delivers exceptional results in an all-in-one solution. Among its numerous features is the onboard generator that allows the TracStar 1200 to power the heater and facer. This heater and facer are found near the fixed jaws to facilitate and ease pipe transfer. When it comes to ditch work, the carriage always remains secure. Despite the TracStar 1200's massive power, the engine adheres to the EPA's Tier 4 standards. It also features advanced emission control technology that removes the need to involve diesel exhaust fluid.

Easily Manage Fusion Joint Data Records with the DataLogger 6

LogoHaving accurate joint data comes with the confidence of ensuring that joints were fused with supported standards and they also utilize the proper pressure and times. All of this important data would often require manual recording in the past which may reduce efficiency and lead to potential errors. With the McElroy Datalogger® 6, the information is kept in one location available to all pertinent personnel at all times and the recording of this data involves just a few clicks.

Maximize Productivity with McElroy Training

LogoMcElroy Parts not only has an extensive selection of tools, it also takes great pride in its team of knowledgeable professionals eager to train employees/workers on McElroy equipment and safe operating procedures. These individuals have extensive pipelining job site experience and they bring their real-world knowledge and expertise as opposed to merely explaining the machine's production manual. Trainees can look forward to hands-on experience and they will be expected to prove the knowledge they have gained in how to correctly and safely operate the robust McElroy machines.