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Media Freeware Creates YouTube Video Downloader to Make Videos Available Offline

YouTube is the world’s most popular video site, and is the most popular brand in the world with people aged 18-24 according to the Youth 100. The site has become so popular because it has effectively crowd sourced multimedia production and allowed everything from cats doing funny things to cosplaying concert violinists to become smash hit sensations. The only disadvantage to YouTube is that there is still no way to play videos from the site when offline. Media Freeware has now answered that question with a free to download YouTube Downloader to download, convert and playback videos from the site offline.

Media Freeware Launches Cost of Living Calculator for States Throughout the US

The cost of living varies wildly throughout the major cities of all the major states of America, and as more and more people find their financial situation changing fluidly, there is an increased interest in finding the best location for the best standard of living relative to income. Finding this information in an easily absorbable format however has been next to impossible, with statistics all being created independently of one another. Media Freeware has solved this problem with a cost of living calculator that puts this information into a comprehensible format.

Media Freeware Creates YouTube to MP3 Converter to Get Favorite Music Tracks Offline

YouTube is the single hottest brand for young adults 18 to 24 years old according to the Brand 100, and it’s easy to see why. YouTube provides both a platform for people to publish their own content and a means by which to see content from billion dollar media titans, including the music industry. It is thought that more people use YouTube to listen to music than ever before, but this creates problems for users when they want to listen to their favorite tracks offline or on other devices. Media Freeware has solved this problem by creating the YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Media Freeware Offers Random Number Generator for Unbiased and Unpredictable Results

Numbers, though often enigmatic or even downright problematic, are the foundation of much our lives, and physicists would argue they describe the entire universe. Most people however have less profound uses for numbers, but still upon occasions find themselves needing to generate a random number, which can be difficult for individuals who often fall back on their established numbers like birthdates and even pin codes. To help with this, Media Freeware has created a free to use random number generator that can generate a number according to one of many adjustable criteria.

Media Freeware Creates Random Name Generator to Help Parents and Authors

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. That’s why it pays to look outside the box when it comes to important decisions. There are few decisions more important than naming a child, and for those seeking inspiration in can be difficult to decide on a name that they feel will give their child the right start in life. Media Freeware has addressed this issue by creating a new, completely free to use random name generator software that allows users to be presented with choices from a directory of thousands of names without having to scroll through them one by one.

Media Freeware Creates Free Sales Tax Calculator with Simple Single Button Interface

Products are still sold without the addition of sales tax unlike European countries, this can sometimes lead to a nasty shock if the consumer does not calculate the sales tax correctly. Most people do not wish to have to compute the calculation for sales tax amounts in their head or even with a calculator but still wish to know the amount of sales tax. Media Freeware has created a free sales tax calculator that allows users to find the solution with just one click.

Auto Mouse Clicker Software to Free People from Their Desks Launched by Media Freeware

Clicking a mouse may not seem like an inconvenience most of the time, but there is nothing more frustrating than leaving an installation to run only to return and find the installation never got under way because another pop up window required an ‘ok’ from the user, or having to wait by the desk until a given time to press send on an important document that has to be sent to a client at a specific time. Media Freeware specialises in ingenious software solutions to common problems, and have solved these and more besides with the Auto Mouse Clicker.

Media Freeware Launches Vimeo Downloader to Easily Play Favorite Videos Offline

Vimeo is a popular alternative to YouTube that is well known for its higher quality of video playback relative to all other formats, allowing them a niche in the market for lovers of high quality video. However, these videos can only be downloaded if the user that published them has given special permission for a button to be added to their video. However, Media Freeware has created a piece of software that means this is no longer a limitation, and users can download as many videos as they like with the new Vimeo video downloader.

Media Freeware Creates Bible Dictionary to Elaborate on the Meaning of Words in the Bible

The Bible is the most popular and best-selling book on earth, and has been in print since the invention of print. Indeed, the Gutenberg printing press was first used to print the Bible. However, language changes at a more rapid pace every yearand as a result ancient words used in the time of King James (who first translated the Bible into English) have fallen out of common usage. For those wishing to discover the definitions of these words, often found nowhere but in the Bible itself, Media Freeware has created a free to use Bible Dictionary tool.

Media Freeware Publishes XVideo Downloader Software for Offline Viewable Internet Videos

Xvid is an open source alternative to the proprietary DivX codec, and represents a leap forward for free license video encoding technology, allowing for ASP format features including b-frames, global and quarter pixel motion compensation, lumi masking, trellis quantization and more. These features make the codec both lightweight in file size while providing excellent quality images. The free codec is used on a great many online videos, but unlike YouTube and Vimeo, has little facility for downloading by viewers. Media Freeware has solved this problem by releasing a free to use Xvideo downloader software.