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Why Western Boots Are Wedding Worthy

LogoWeddings are undeniably a special day - one that many plan for their whole lives until it comes. From the dresses to the tuxedos and the napkins to the stationary – so many details are articulately accounted for. With so many custom touches, it seems strange not to go the whole nine yards and wear some extra special footwear on that day as well. Mercedes Boots of Ben Wheeler, TX thinks this is a tradition every wedding should consider.

Texas Custom Boot Maker Shares the Benefits of Using American Bison

LogoThere are a great number of leathers to make western boots from. Mercedes Boots has been in the business for nearly half a century and is intimately familiar with the materials they use. One of the many leathers they offer is American Bison Leather. Not to be confused with Buffalo leather (which they also happen to offer), American Bison Leather comes – as the name would indicate – from animals right here in the United States.

Master Western Boot Makers Set Themselves Apart from the Herd with Their Custom Masterpieces

LogoThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn't just have to apply to a photo or canvas. Until one has a chance to see the incredible custom leather Western footwear created by Mercedes Boots, it wouldn't be thought possible that so much could be conveyed on such a medium. For over 40 years, the Texas-based company has been in the business of designing a high quality boot that fits not just the foot of the individual wearing it, but their personality as well.