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The Costly Consequences of Pretending to Be an Incorporated Consultant

Logoincorporated consultants may not qualify for the favourable 11% tax rate enjoyed by BC Corporations

Mew Company Chartered Professional Accountants Share Tips for Income Tax Preparation in 2023

LogoThe 2022 tax scramble is over. Most Canadians have already filed taxes. For those who want to avoid the panic in 2023, the Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants have some expert advice, so businesses and individuals can file with greater ease and peace of mind. For more, go to

Vancouver Chartered Accountants: Tax Benefits of Increasing Shareholders Remuneration from the CCPC

LogoAs Vancouver Chartered Accountants, there have been many changes made to the taxation of CCPC since the current Liberal Government came into power back in 2015. The most significant tax change is the maximum $50,000 of aggregate investment income ("AII") that a CCPC can earn before the $500,000 small business deduction limit ("SBD") is impacted.

Vancouver Tax Accountants: Minimize Tax Burden Through Planning

LogoMew and Company is an experienced team of Vancouver tax accountants located in the downtown core. As an independent firm that provides strategic tax consulting and accounting services to businesses and individuals, the professionals at Mew and Company use tax planning to preserve wealth and reduce tax burden. For more, go to

Wave of CRA Audits Hit Small Businesses

LogoSmall businesses prepare--there's a wave of CRA audits going round. Small businesses with fewer than 500 employees make up a big part of Canada's economy. Many of these small businesses are Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs). To survive and thrive, small businesses must be agile and responsive to changing local and international economic conditions. The pandemic-related employment shrinkages mostly affected small businesses. As Canadians try to move forward, CRA is also moving forward with many audit letters.

Corporate Tax Planning: Vancouver Based Expertise to Protect Wealth and Preserve Equity

LogoCorporate tax planning is an ongoing process to reduce the overall taxes owed by a business. Successful businesses leverage tax planning as a vital tool to build and protect capital. To identify and implement the best strategies, the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) at Mew and Company work to understand business and lifestyle goals before creating individualized strategies. For more, go to

Mew + Company Makes Corporate Tax Planning in Vancouver Smart and Accessible

LogoCorporate tax planning is one of the biggest investments of any business. It makes sense. Successful businesses know how to preserve equity and grow—and this is exactly what effective corporate tax planning works to achieve.

Corporate Tax Planning in Vancouver: Using Reorganization as a Tool

LogoWhen it comes to corporate tax planning, it can be hard to know where to begin. One of the simplest and most common methods--corporate reorganization—involves the shareholder of a corporation exchanging his/her shares in one class of existing shares, for shares of another authorized class. To learn more, go to

Mew and Company Offers Small Business Tax Filing in Vancouver

Logoprofessional chartered accountants in Vancouver can help small businesses catch up on tax filing

Corporate Tax Planning: Maximize Savings by Working with a Chartered Professional Accountant in Vancouver

LogoIt's already 2022. If strengthening business and minimizing tax expenditures is on the list of to-dos this year, one of the best strategies is sitting down with a Chartered Professional Accountant in Vancouver. For more, go to