M&H Consulting, LLC

M&H Consulting, LLC Publishes the Pay for a Computer and Information Systems Manager

The median pay for a computer and information systems manager in 2013 came in at $123,950, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most small businesses discover they cannot pay a professional of this type to work in house, as it just doesn't fit into their budget. For this reason, many choose to outsource this work, and M&H Consulting proudly assists small businesses in and around Boston, MA with all of their computer needs.

M&H Consulting, LLC Offers New Ways to Save on IT Support and Cloud Services

According to research firm Gartner, companies will spend an estimated $3.9 trillion on IT in 2015, a 3.7 percent gain over current year spending, and outsourced services, such as cloud services, play a large role in this. Companies need to find a provider capable of helping them move forward in terms of their IT services as technology continues to rapidly change. Many in this situation opt to rely on M&H Consulting, an IT support company and cloud services provider, founded by Tom Harriss and Gavin Mish.