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Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Lawyer of Portland Oregon Announces Creative Solutions for Solving Bankruptcy

Michael A. Day, a bankruptcy lawyer of Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce new creative solutions for solving debt problems associated with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Some people do not realize the rules that exist that determine whether or not they qualify for bankruptcy. These individuals now have a professional bankruptcy lawyer to turn to who can not only answer their questions regarding bankruptcy, but can also provide legal representation if it is needed in the future.

Michael A. Day Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney Announces Chapter 13 Legal Services for September

Michael A. Day, an Oregon bankruptcy attorney, is pleased to announce Chapter 13 legal services for the month of September. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law is a full-service Chapter 13 law firm devoted to creative and effective restructuring of debts under the bankruptcy code. There are many rules, for Chapter 13, that need to be understood for a successful payment plan, as well as benefits that can be exploited.

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law Announces No Upfront Cost for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases

Michael A. Day, one of the leading bankruptcy lawyers in Portland, Oregon, now offers clients $0 in legal fees up front to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. If a client has regular income, and meet certain other minimal requirements, then they do not have to pay any legal fees up front to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and stop foreclosure on their home.

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law Now Complying with New Oregon Bankruptcy Law Changes

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law is pleased to announce the firm is now complying with new Oregon Bankruptcy Law changes. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has signed SB396 into law and Oregon bankruptcy filers now have the opportunity to elect federal property exemptions or Oregon property exemptions when filing bankruptcy. SB396 reversed the 30 year ban on use of federal property exemptions in Oregon bankruptcy cases. The bill contained an emergency clause and federal exemptions can be used in all bankruptcy cases filed after July 1, 2013.

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law Now Offering Free Consultation for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As a leading Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Oregon, Michael A. Day is now offering free consultation for people affected by Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As a personal re-organization of debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has affected many residents living in Oregon. With this payment plan, debtors can pay back what they can reasonably afford to repay during the events of the case. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be tricky to understand because most people who seek this form of bankruptcy filing are not aware of all the bankruptcy code provisions that are in place to determine what a monthly payment amount should be.

Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law Announces Free Consultations for New Clients

Being competitive is always a good sign that the bankruptcy lawyers in Portland are passionate about helping those in need of bankruptcy guidance. This is why Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law announces free consultations for new clients. Along with free consultations, Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law will work out flexible payment terms for each new client. Michael A. Day wants to make sure that it doesn’t cost anything to meet with him, as he goes through accessing legal issues. If after the consultation, people feel that bankruptcy is the right option for them, then Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law will offer low cost options when the case is filed.

Michael Day Law Announces Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services for People in Oregon

Michael A. Day bankruptcy attorney in Oregon announces Chapter 7 legal services for those who live in the state of Oregon. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not simply a “debt elimination” process. It is a trade-off. In exchange for eliminating debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people are limited to certain amounts of property that they can keep to get a fresh start. Chapter 7 is a liquidation-style bankruptcy case. “Property” includes both tangible property—like vehicles, jewelry, and furniture—and intangible property—like tax refunds, inheritances, and stock accounts. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law strives to protect his client’s property interests to the fullest extent of the law. The firm’s goal is to save clients’ money in the long run by protecting property interests that they may otherwise lose to liquidation in their bankruptcy case.

Michael A. Day Law Now Offers Legal Guidance for People Who Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Michael A. Day Law now offers legal guidance for those who have qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people must qualify for three requirements. First, people must be honest throughout the entire legal process. Second, the person must not have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy within 8 years. Lastly, the person must not make too much money. Because everybody’s financial situation is different, it is important to call Michael A. Day Law to confirm the proper legal proceedings. Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed bankruptcy case because those who file for this type of bankruptcy will be able to keep all of their property, while eliminating all of their debt. People in need of a bankruptcy attorney in Portland, Oregon, should contact Michael A. Day Law immediately.