Michael McDonald

Whole Sale Gold Group Advises Investors to Buy Gold Coins

Gold and silver investment website WholeSaleGoldGroup.com has released a series of articles that implore investors to buy gold coins in the coming weeks. The website’s team predicts that the prices of gold and silver are set to skyrocket in the next few months and that today’s prices may never be seen again. To help investors buy gold coins intelligently, they’ve released a series of tips aimed at the new investor.

Investment Site Releases Information to Help Investors Looking to Buy Gold Coins

Gold and silver investment website WholeSaleGoldGroup.com has added new information to its website to help guide investors that want to buy gold coins. The content is designed for new investors that are trying to make sense of the often conflicting gold and silver investing information on the internet.

Wholesale Gold Group Site Gets Visual Overhaul

Wholesale Gold Group’s website unveiled a new look this week in an effort to help customers navigate the gold and silver coin resource more easily. New site features include new color scheme, layout and the ability to browse some of wholesale gold on offer direct from the homepage. The site’s team reports that the new layout has generated predominantly positive feedback from repeat visitors. They add that -- like any contemporary website -- design, layout and content of Wholesale Gold Group’s site is in a near-constant state of flux.

Gold and Silver Investment Website Releases New Investor’s Kit

Investors looking to cash in on the precious metal craze have a new resource to help them invest their money more wisely. Wholesale Gold Group has released a free investor’s kit that covers the ins and outs of gold and silver investment. The report discusses a wide range of gold and silver investing issues in-depth, including investment philosophy, history and avoiding common mistakes.