Michael Sall

Michael Sall – The Best Money Gin Player, an Enigmatic Author and a Remarkable Person

Michael Sall, the famous money gin player is now featured on USGBC.org, a prestigious organization that motivates and recognizes green building initiatives. Michael had special interest in card games ever since he was a child. He honed those skills as he grew up and explored his talents in the arena. And within a few years he became an excellent card player and a genius at Money Gin. Here in this page, viewers will understand what it takes to become a good money gin player and where to look for information. In his book Gin Rummy: A Predators Guide, Michael shares the many secrets and insights that he had gained over the years of playing this game. The book is useful for regular club players as well as players who wish to advance to the professional level. The book also includes a detailed analysis and rules with regards to partner's gin.