The Moon 2G High Chair from Mima Presents a 3-in-1 Seating Solution

LogoWith the festive holidays right around the corner, there is no time like the present to discover truly life-changing gifts. Families welcoming a new baby into the clan are known for their need of plenty of baby items – from diapers and clothing, to toys, cribs, and car seats. Often new parents face a wide array of choices at varying price points, but one thing remains constant throughout: the more they can use any single chair, stroller, or crib, the better. That philosophy is what inspired the creation of the Moon 2G High Chair from well-known kids brand Mima. This incredibly versatile product provides the usefulness of a newborn lounger, a necessary high chair for a toddler, and the luxury of a junior chair – all rolled into one.

After Two Year Process, Mima Brand Is Now Selling in the United States

LogoAs the modern day stroller has evolved, it has become a durable, maneuverable, handy part of any household's arsenal. Taking one's bundle of joy around town for a shopping spree or to lunch with the gals is easier than ever, and one company in particular has made those occasions especially chic. Mima Kids USA began as a Dutch designer and manufacturer of elegant strollers and high chairs, and the company has very recently expanded their reach to the United States! After many years of selling their high quality baby products in Europe, the cosmopolitan childcare extraordinaire has brought their beloved products stateside.