MinoxiMed LLC

Newly Produced MinoxiMed Fights Male Pattern Baldness

LogoMinoxiMed is a brand new product designed to fight male pattern baldness. The ingredients, included in product's composition increase hair elasticity and speed up hair growth. Yarrow is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic remedy for treating scalp conditions of different kind, which supports hair growth. Because it is high in fatty-acids and natural saponins, yarrow extract is widely used for making natural scalp and hair cleansers. Ginseng is known with its various health benefits. Regular intake of ginseng combats hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Coltsfoot contains an abundance of minerals and plant proteins which all work together to repair the hair shaft and promote hair growth. Besides its astringent and anti-inflamatory properties Common Nettle treats different hair loss problems and helps in hair regrowth.