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Monarch Brands Says Color-Coded Microfiber Mops and Cloths Are Essential for Safe and Efficient Facilities Maintenance

LogoThe rise of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) is prolific amongst the elderly, sick, and young. The New England Medical Journal reports that in healthcare facilities alone 721,000 HAIs are reported annually contributing to 75,000 mortalities. Hospitals schools, daycares, nursing homes, and even the hospitality industry are implementing color-coded microfiber systems to combat this. Monarch Brands has the following to say about facilitating the use of this cleaning system.

Monarch Brands Announces Moves to Help Make Bulk Bar Mops Sustainable

LogoThe hospitality industry runs on bar mops. Every year, restaurants, bars, and hotels use billions of these cheap absorbent striped towels. However, ask any laundry, and they will say that the most anyone could ever get out of a bar mop is five or six turns. Before long, they get greased up, burned, thrown out, or disintegrate. To keep up with demand, reduce costs, and reduce the industry's carbon footprint, mills have adopted the 3R principle of waste management (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

Monarch Brands Switches Gears to Source PPE as Well as Wholesale Microfiber

LogoAs the saying goes, when life gives lemons, source PPE as well as regular wholesale microfiber and rags.

Monarch Brands Offers Wholesale Microfiber, Wiping Cloths, and Rags During the COVID-19 Crisis

LogoHal Kanefsky, President of Monarch Brands, recently discussed how the world has slowed down since social distancing became part of the national narrative. One thing that has not slowed was the level of cleaning throughout commercial, residential, and government buildings.

Monarch Brands Ramps Up Production to Help Customers Cope with COVID-19 and Increased Demand for Cleaning Textiles

LogoA leading provider of hospitality textiles completes the installation of warehouse automation features and is now fully-equipped to handle increased demand in response to the pandemic.