Reports They Have Now Clocked 200 Positive Reviews

Moneyboat (, a payday uk company offering short term loans, announces they have now clocked 200 positive reviews, a notable achievement in an industry that has unfairly earned a bad reputation. This trend setting short term direct lender employs a friendly, discreet and polite customer service crew and provides clear and transparent terms. Clients know this company will be safe, secure and discreet when lending money to those in need.

Money Boat Launches a Competitive, Short Term Lending Service for UK Residents announces the launch of a competitive, short term lending service for residents of the United Kingdom, with the goal being to right the wrongs of an industry that has gone off the rails. The lender remains customer oriented and employs a friendly and discreet customer service crew to assist clients with every transaction. The flat interest rate of 0.7 percent per day is 0.1 percent less than seen with a lot of other lenders in the market. In addition, it comes in less than the FCA interest rate cap.