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Fast Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans from Monroe Funding Corp

LogoA standard commercial real estate loan takes a long time to obtain. You may face extensive paperwork and weeks of delays in getting qualified, and the property may become unavailable in the meanwhile. Hard money loans are available from Monroe Funding Corp to real estate investors that require private capital.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loans to Help Expand Your Business

LogoMonroe Funding Corp offers several commercial real estate loan options, including traditional SBA loans to help grow your business.

Two Properties in Miami and West Palm Beach Refinanced Through Monroe Funding Corp.

LogoMonroe Funding Corp has refinancned two properties in South Florida through the use of commercial mortgage refinancing in Florida.

Real Estate or REIT Investments in 2021 - Which Is Better

LogoReal estate makes for a striking addition to investment portfolios, allowing people to diversify their assets and potentially grow wealth. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and people should weigh out the benefits of purchasing individual properties or REITs before making decisions.

Hard Money Loans vs. Cash Offers in the 2021 Housing Market

LogoHard money loans can provide flexibility and a quick turnaround time for financing solutions. They allow the integration of money for a short time and are not slowed down by the traditional lending process, which can take months to complete. Hard money loans require equity investments that exceed the amount of commercial loans, but the criteria you must meet to borrow are far less strenuous.

Good News for Renovators - Lumber Prices Have Dropped

LogoGood news for home renovators - the price of lumber has decreased by 40 percent since its record high cost in May. Prices sit at below $1,000 per one thousand board feet after it peaked at $1,700 at its all-time high. Overall, in the last year, prices increased 175 percent, and while there was a dip, prices are still anticipated to remain higher than usual for the rest of the year.

Moratorium on Mortgage Payments Ending June 30th

LogoAs a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial effects on millions of Americans, President Biden has taken action to alleviate some of the burdens that could cost Americans their homes.

Monroe Funding Corp.'s New Website Is Ready to Help Serve

LogoThe goal of Monroe Funding Corp is to help serve you by providing you with hard money loans and services quickly and efficiently, and we believe our new website can help us do just that.

Orlando Makes List of Best Cities to Invest In

LogoOrlando has made Bensinga’s - Michigan-based financial news media outlet - list of best cities to invest in real estate in 2021.

GenX Lends Hard Money and Equity Combos

LogoReal estate sponsors have been asked in recent months to bring cash to the table during closings, which deletes their coffers and overall returns. Closing out the financing process and securing equity pieces is one of, if not the most, challenging parts of the closing process. If you fail to secure, at least 30 - 35% can close a deal on the spot. Real estate developers and investors of all sizes have felt the effects of this for years, especially with banks pulling back their loan-to-cost/loan-to-value (LTC/LTV) lending percentages since the ongoing pandemic.