Morguen Toole Company

Morguen Toole Company Launches Corporate Events That Combine Business with Elegance

Corporate events can become a special way for both company employees and clients to merge business with pleasure. Columnist Jamillah Warner mentions this in her article "42 Tips for Producing a Memorable Small Business Event" for the online journal "" Jamillah Warner reports, "Companies can easily have memorable corporate events with the correct planning and assistance. Much of this comes down to where you choose to hold your event and how this venue will work with you to make the most of your time there."

Morguen Toole Company Unveils Wedding Barn as Unique Venue for Receptions and More

The trend for unusual weddings has been around for some time now, with brides and grooms continuing to devise new ways to make their special day unique and interesting. This can be done by holding themed weddings or offering unique foods for the reception, but in some cases, a simple change of venue can make all the difference. One such unique venue is the barn offered by the Morguen Toole Company, which operates a restaurant, hotel, and event venue in Meyersdale, PA.